An Inspirational Quote for Starters


Deliberating over One Day

I have always been interested in reading books and writing. When asked, “What do you want to do when you’re older?” and the variations of this question that guarantee a crippling fear of the Newly Acquired Adult Only Curse Words (rent, gas and electric), and just a few sprinkles of arrested development, all I can muster is, “I want to do something with books or writing.” With a blush at the admittance of what seems like a silly daydream, I would and do continue to distantly hope and think, “one day.”

A hobby I have always wanted to dip my toe into is blogging. Almost as soon as I take a moment to adore the thought, though, I turn pink. If I’m embarrassed at the one-person conversation I’m having with myself, imagine the shade I will turn in the face of potential real life people reading my writing. All the same I’d think… “one day.”

After always enjoying running at school and making sure I kept it up afterwards as a hobby, I would often say, “I will run the Great South Run one day”, even though I doubted that I actually would. In fact I was pretty certain that wasn’t for me. And, yet, as it goes – *plot twist* – I ran it! The other line I would and do still spin is, “I’m going to run the London Marathon.” As long as I eventually come out on top in the public ballot, three guesses? “One day.”

I haven’t always been as interested in health as I am now. Despite having been taught all of the right things and living by a lot of the rules, historically and, well, presently… I like cake. A lot. Now, I totally buy the whole “This isn’t a diet; it’s a lifestyle” catch phrase. I could never claim to be “entirely healthy” because of my adoration for cake, but the grass – and the spinach – is greener on this side. Since wondering if I could possibly extend my answer when it comes to the dreaded Future Plans Question to include a “or maybe health and fitness route” response, I wondered if a blog that talks about kale, blueberries and beetroot could allow me to open new doors (not just the fridge’s). I have always wanted to live with health at the forefront of my mind but never took all of the steps towards it; to really change my lifestyle. If you haven’t said it in your mind already: “One day.”

With the knowledge that experience and having something to show is so important when it comes to finding a job (*cringes at the Adult Curse Word*), I decided maybe I really could write a blog that covers all of the juicy stuff above along with anything else I want to write about. Not only will my blog hold me accountable to eating well, training for future running events and any efforts to kick start a writing/bookish/health/fitness career, I can learn more and more about each of these hobbies.

As this corny “reasons why I am starting this blog, please don’t be mean” post is nearing its pointless closure, it seems only appropriate to start my blogging journey with that inevitable and more importantly, inspirational quote I’ve been tirelessly building up to.

*Stands up with rosy cheeks and clears throat.*

“One day is now.”

~ Kat ~

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