A Run with a View | Home Part I

The one thing that can distract me from a run is a pretty view. It takes two seconds of debating, It’s okay to disrupt a run for a photo that will get me eleven likes on Instagram, right? to know my answer. Honestly, before I have even finished the thought, I’ve slowed down and switched my phone onto the camera. For me it can really push me when I have a blue sky smiling at me – it’s like a way better version of a television, entertaining as I exercise – and this was especially true this morning when I woke up for a half eight run.


Today I made friends with some Dachshund doggies as they sprinted with their little legs beside me, the sun was already hot enough to cause sweat that was more than welcome and I endured a few hills that shouted, “You need to hill train more often!” Running before midday used to cause me a lot of discomfort, however since running events are pretty much always placed in the morning, I discovered how crucial it is to make sure at least some of my training takes place between 06:00 and 11:00. Starting off the day with exercise, for me, also encourages a healthier diet throughout the day. As completing morning runs make me feel the kind of cheesy happy you see in High School Musical, it sometimes is the easiest thing to avoid the snooze button and get up with the help of Troy and Gabriella.


I ran along Lee on the Solent beach to get to Titchfield Haven until Pretentious Instagram Kat just had to stop to take a few pictures. Although I love running at university because there are so many beautiful parks, the beaches and nature at home mean long stretches of lovely sights that often help me fall into a pace I’m pretty happy with. It was quiet along haven which meant for a peaceful chunk of exercise whereas the beach was quite busy with runners and dog-walkers. The change in atmosphere and company did mean I was conscious of looking Jessica-Ennis-fit and ultimately made for a faster run than my recent times- which I definitely wanted today.


I think it’s easy to become attached to a particular route when running. However as it’s more than necessary we mix up our routes (our bodies need a change of scenery otherwise they can get a bit too comfortable, and taking on all sorts of surfaces and challenges allows for our bodies to change more easily and benefit in different ways), I find the beaches I live by only encourage me to change the channel every time I run. Runs that involve Titchfield Haven will always be one of my favourite runs of the week and add bits and bobs to my run I don’t have on other routes.

As I have felt laughed at by nature at a few running events that have featured hills that made my legs feel loose and incapable (rather than footloose and happy), I have been trying to up my hill training. My route to and through Titchfield Haven means for some leg sculpting and my legs definitely feel “it” a lot more than they will after a flat route. The hills are alive with something brilliantly evil but my body definitely thanks me for the little spurts of pain.

This morning’s run ended with a sprint finish I like to believe is worthy of a place in the Olympics, and was a run that will allow for my alarm to encourage me to cut loose and slip on my running shoes for more future morning runs!

~ Kat ~

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