Playa Blanca | Lanzarote

This year, for my mum’s 50th birthday my family and I holidayed in Playa Blanca in Lanzarote, one of the Canary islands. It is the smallest Canary island and pretty windy too- the wind often being a welcomed friend (as deceiving as it may be). We stayed at Peublo Marinero, a hotel made up of pretty apartments that definitely make for a slice of paradise.



On the first night we walked along the marina while the sun was setting. We visited Playa Blanca just two years ago and it was awesome to soak up the nostalgia and the plethora of opportunities I was going to have to take pretentious and pretty photographs. The marina is scattered with amazing restaurants, bars and little shops and I am delighted we re-visited restaurants we did two years ago whilst also trying out new places.



holiday harbour.jpg

The first night brought just a bit of drama- in a sleepy daze I sat up, terrifying my mum while I urgently muttered “What is that? What is that light?!” It seemed once I realised it was just a light flashing on something in the room, I drifted back into sleep. Although later on I amused my mum by giggling in my sleep! Luckily there weren’t too many more incidents, although much to my mum’s surprise, very early in the morning of her birthday I involuntarily shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY at her.

On the first full day we took a walk in the opposite direction of the marina, down the harbour, passed the rocks, sandy beach and more restaurants, bars and shops. The harbour is more lively and busy in comparison to the chilled out atmosphere that comes with the marina. It is where we got our first (of many- oops!) ice creams; our favourite place to get one from, we concluded at the end of the holiday. One euro per scoop- my favourite being the combination of Nutella and raspberry.

holiday cocktail.jpg



On the Wednesday I woke up early so I could head out and watch the sunrise and take a few photos. It was pretty cool wandering just outside the hotel and around the marina while it was super quiet before the shops and restaurants opened. The sunrise seemed similar to the sunset, just accompanied by quiet instead of the buzz of holidayers.

other holiday.jpg

other holidaaay

last day

last daaay

Yesterday morning (our final day) we headed down to the end of the marina and had breakfast- I had the crepe named Suzette which had orange juice, butter and sugar in it (not nutritious but very delicious).

I had an awesome time on holiday. Mum and I started the holiday with prosecco on the plane while we all coloured in our adult colouring books. Side note: witnessing every adult turning into an excited child at the sight of the duty free booklet is something that I haven’t yet decided whether’s it’s disturbing or amusing. We finished the holiday with many a rounds of Uno and just a few chunks of Milka (I’m glad Milka isn’t all that easy to find in the UK or my plan to get back into healthy after holiday would be destroyed on day one!).


~ Kat ~


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