A Day Trip to Fuerteventura

On the Tuesday of our holiday (which you can read a little bit more about HERE) – which was my mum’s 50th birthday – we headed over to the island just across the water to celebrate: Fuerteventura.


After a 40/50 minute boat ride over to the island we got a 10 minute coach ride to a town that was full of clothes shops, cafes and souvenir shops. The town is definitely different to places I have visited in Lanzarote- very modern and super busy. It was one of the hottest days of the holiday and after looking through a few shops we found a cafe to have sit down at with a croissant and a smoothie.



Next we had another short coach trip to the island’s National Park- the sand dunes. It was without a doubt my favourite part of the trip and one of my favourite 15 minutes of our week away. The picture above doesn’t do it justice at all but it seemed like we were surrounded by endless white sandy hills with a pretty blue backdrop. Because of the (I am likely to get this entirely wrong) sun reflecting onto the sand creating its white colour it means the sand never gets hot and burns your feet, and so we walked barefoot across the sand and admired the view. I spent a lot of time trying to get a photo of me taking a star jump but they all have my mum’s finger half over the lens (just can’t get the staff ay?) but every time I flick through them they do make me chuckle. We were all in awe of our Windows-background-worthy view.



We then coached to a beach not very far at all from the sand dunes. My mum and I found a lot of childish excitement in standing just into the sea and letting the waves wash over our feet and legs- something that was very refreshing when the sun was beating down. We then read our books and drunk a glass of sangria.

It was just turning into early evening when we returned home on the boat, and it was a journey I won’t ever forget. A wavy sea meant for babies crying; parents crying; staff running around with tissue and encouraging words. Despite a lot of devastation there was a general feel of amusement and since I can’t remember going on any excursions with lots of other holidayers before this trip, it definitely felt like a High School Musical, we are all on this together moment.

Fuerteventura made lots of my favourite memories ever.

~ Kat ~



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