A Run with a View | Playa Blanca

Last week my family and I spent a week in Playa Blanca (Lanzarote) for my mum’s 50th birthday (which I wrote a post about earlier this week). I have had the goal for a while to make sure that I run in every country I visit and this goal started with Lanzarote! On the Thursday morning my mum and I ventured out into the sunny and warm albeit nicely breezy morning for a run.



I was expecting the run to be a little unpleasant because of the heat but the challenge was rewarding. We firstly headed down the harbour, passing locals setting up shops, lazy cats bathing in the shade and admiring the sandy and rocky beach. It was a picture perfect blue morning and it had only just turned eight o’clock.



The walk/run to and along the harbour is lined with colourful locks- locks written on by couples, families and friends. They were something I adored taking far too many pictures of and they were a sweet thing to leave on holiday- something my family and I definitely should have done. We faced a few hills and a few moments of overpowering sunshine before we reached the end of the harbour and headed back on ourselves.



After passing where we started we ran through the marina which is home to a lot of our favourite restaurants. We continued pass the cluster of restaurants and shops, running over pretty cobbled paving and turned back once we reached the boats at the end.

All in all we ran a 5k we were pretty chuffed with. It was a very sweaty run but a seriously therapeutic one. It was early in the morning (most definitely one of the only times us two Brits could handle because of the cooler temperature) and it was hard not to feel just that little bit smug when we returned back.

The day before we left my mum and I headed out for another run that wouldn’t be disturbed by me taking photos. My mum joined me for four miles and I continued for an extra mile along the marina and up some very steep hills. I managed to end the run with a very-nearly-floor-face-palm and had to do that thing where I attempted to laugh it off and looked back at the spot as if looking back makes everything less embarrassing.

As well as walking a lot, the hotel had a gym which I used a couple of times. One trip to the gym involved a workout I have repeated at home since returning and I’m excited to do again (although the very humid gym did mean for a much more “glowy” forehead afterwards!).

3 sets of:

  • 20 x side lunges (10 on each leg)
  • 20 x Spiderman plank (10 on each leg)
  • 12 x crunches
  • 10 x inchworm plank (without press up)
  • 10 x press ups
  • 10 x burpees

It was nice to incorporate more exercise into my holiday than I would have a couple of years ago- although it was mainly just to look like a professional athlete and ignore the daily ice creams we were having (although I was particularly fond of raspberry ice cream which I’m sure is a portion of fruit).

~ Kat ~


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