A Tick on the Bucket List | Wimbledon

I have always intended to write my bucket list down. I always say “this is on my bucket list; so’s that!”, but I know along the way I must have forgotten things I want to do/places I want to visit and so I do endeavour to actually write my list down soon. This week, however, I did tick something off of my bucket list that has always been one of the absolute bucket list musts.

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After three/four hours of queuing we paid for our grounds only tickets (which was always the play) and walking into Wimbledon felt like walking into Disneyland when I was younger (and what it would be like if I went today). The grounds are so pretty- so green, purple and white. There are people bustling everywhere and it was so incredible to be surrounded by other tennis lovers while we peeked into courts and saw a few hits between players. It felt so weird to be walking around the place I’ve seen glimpses of in Wimbledon coverage.



We queued up for Court 3 and were delighted to get in to watch the second and third set between Gasquet (French) and Bedene (British). Being on court to watch a British player was awesome and since I’m also a fan of  Gasquet we felt super lucky. It was hard not to just grin the whole time and I spent the whole day not really believing I was finally at Wimbledon, after years of wanting to be!



We then headed to Henman Hill (the part of the day I was most excited for!) with plenty of time to find a good spot, get ourselves sorted and watch the end of Williams’ game- it was amazing to be so close to one of the strongest female players in the world! The weather held out and actually got pretty warm and so we ate our strawberries and I had a Pimm’s from the refreshment stool (over £8- I nearly dropped it when I found out!). One awesome aspect of Wimbledon is that you’re allowed to bring in your own food and drink. I get so frustrated when events prohibit things like this and since the event it so reasonable I resisted throwing it over the refreshments worker.


Watching Murray’s match (against Broady, another British player!) on Henman Hill was just about one of my favourite couple of hours I have lived for! *Queue cringey, chuffed Wimbledon tourist picture.* The hill is smaller than I expected but it meant for a nice and cosy crowd. It was just the best to be surrounded by Murray fans and to be part of the roar when he won! As well as wanting to go next year to watch Murray on Centre Court, I also want to see a later Murray match whilst sat on Henman Hill. I bet it’s electric.

We were starting to feel very tired after our four o’clock start and definitely needed Murray’s match to wake us up. It felt so summery to be lying on the grass with a big screen ahead of us with my favourite sportsman winning! If I don’t own a house with a garden that has a giant TV so I can do this every day, I’m just not sure how I’ll cope.


It started to rain not long after Murray’s match finished but our spirits weren’t dampened- despite not really knowing what to do next. We walked about to find shelter and were about to settle on the idea of checking out the town because, of course, only Centre Court could go ahead with play because of the roof. We weren’t disappointed because the town looked incredible and we knew we wanted to check it out another day anyway. Before we turned around to say a fond farewell, a lady approached us asking us if we had Centre Court tickets. In the blink of an eye, we had Centre Court tickets handed to us because they were leaving. With our mouths in the perfect “o” shape, I squealed “You’re the best!” after them as another man offered us money to take them off of our hands.

The day felt like a bunch of dreams coming true one after each other and it was safe to say we barely took half a second to decline the man’s offer. If walking around the grounds felt like what walking around Disneyland was like when I was younger, walking into Centre Court was like being told I was to go to Disney World Florida that very day.

We got to see Wozniacki v Kuznetsova which was awesome. Although Wozniacki is a player I have adored watching before and Kuznetsova won it, it was amazing to watch them both play. For no particular reason I don’t watch women’s tennis as much as men’s tennis and this has definitely inspired me to watch far more of it. We then watched the Vandeweghe v Bondarenko match which was brilliant too. The players were incredibly strong and talented and these two matches were the most nail biting out of the ones we caught yesterday! I particularly enjoyed it when a player would achieve one of those shots where the ball hits the net but makes it over anyway and they perform the “I’m sorry but I’m not really sorry” wave! Another absolute favourite part of the day was being part of two standing ovations on Centre Court- awesome!

Tuesday 28th June was definitely a dream-like day!

~ Kat ~


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