Costa Teguise | Lanzarote

Last year I visited Costa Teguise in Lanzarote for a week-long holiday with Aaron. One of the main reasons I have wanted to start a blog is so I can share photos of places I’ve visited, and last year’s holiday was so awesome I remember being frustrated I didn’t have a blog to share photos on. With our holiday to Malta only 8 days away, I thought I’d write about our last holiday.


As soon as we arrived we took a trip to the local town… or tried to anyway. We didn’t really know where we were heading and we got incredibly lost. Every street looked the same and we still weren’t finding the restaurants we believed were super close to our hotel. We bought sandwich material from a shop and sat on a bench and sighed. We felt like we were miles and miles away from our hotel and were never going to get back. We were picture perfect Brits: sweaty, sad and lost… very lost.

We had no idea how to get back to our hotel and admitted defeat after a good forty minutes and got in a taxi. As it turned out we were (a literal) three minute drive away from our hotel. It’s safe to say we laughed awkwardly as we handed over a very small amount of change in exchange for the very short journey and hung our heads in shame as we walked into the hotel lobby.


After watching closely how to get to our hotel from the taxi window we quickly got used to the area and fell in love with the cluster of restaurants snuggled up together. There were the loveliest bars- an Irish one we visited every night and a bar with live entertainment called The Lighthouse that we also adored. Choosing where to go every night was like asking me to name my favourite book: near impossible. I would love to and do hope to go back because there are a few places we didn’t get to try out.




Our walk down to the village of restaurants was a nice one. Not too short, not too long. We had a lot of tapas but we also tried out a Mexican, Italian and also an “everything” kind of restaurant. The square had such a lovely atmosphere and was very busy even though we went in the first week of July. We had a day dedicated to watching a Murray Wimbledon match in a sports bar which was definitely a highlight of the holiday.




It was our trip to Costa Teguise that sparked me becoming a foodie. I swore I never liked paella before this holiday but oh my goodness, I love paella. This was a very orangey-based fish paella and it was (alongside some tapas we had on the last night) my favourite meal of the holiday. On this particular night we took a trip to a local town a fifteen/twenty minute taxi ride away. A member of staff at our hotel recommended it because of their fried cheese (my favourite food I could never be ashamed of), and it was such a pretty harbour with just a few restaurants. This restaurant was very small and cafe-looking and yet incredibly professionally run with the most amazing food. The size made only made it more endearing. It was the exact place you look for on a holiday!



During the week we went on an excursion to Playa Blanca (which is where I went on holiday earlier this month): the marina and then the harbour. We went to the Playa Blanca market first which was scattered along the marina. Aaron tested out his “bartering” skills and was childishly excited when he believed he “won”, grinning at the pair of sunglasses in his hand. It was a very hot day and so we went to the restaurant my family and I adored from the year before and had a milkshake. We then headed down to the lovely harbour and ate lunch.




We spent a couple of days by the pool, Aaron taking part in some of poolside games; pool and table tennis. Table tennis was particularly amusing to watch because of the genuinely competitive nature of a lot of the grown men. Aaron insists I tell you that although he came second in both events, he most certainly had his win stolen unfairly from him. In hindsight maybe it was Aaron that mainly contributed to the competitive atmosphere.

We both took part in waterpolo where my competitive edge resurfaced- heck, I’m not sure it ever un-surfaces. One setback we did have, however, was a middle-aged man dunking Aaron’s head under the water in order to get the ball. If we thought we were a competitive duo, we were way more than matched when it came to the dads that did take part. We won (funny how Aaron wins once I’m involved) and celebrated with smug smiles whilst forgetting that we were mostly in competition with children.

Throughout the week we took advantage of the sports facilities at the hotel which were awesome. As well as playing table tennis we played tennis which, when you put two incredibly competitive people who love tennis against each other on holiday, it makes for a very tense afternoon. Even more so when I lose.


On the last night we found a more hidden restaurant- on the outside of the main square. We were incredibly upset we hadn’t found the place (I believe it was called No 1 Tapas Bar) before the last night because it really was no. 1 tapas. We had canarian potatoes, calamari, chorizo and tomato, Spanish omelette and fried cheese. Accompanied by a lovely atmosphere we had the characteristic owner looking after us, constantly making us giggle- although Aaron gave him something to giggle about when he attempted to recall some GCSE Spanish.

Costa Teguise is a friendly, pretty and vibrant area of Lanzarote with a lot to do!

~ Kat ~


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