A Half Year’s Resolution | A Forgotten Sport

Since we have half of the year left and this morning I played my first couple sets of tennis for the year, I thought it would be fitting to make a half year’s resolution: To play tennis at least twice a month (but hopefully far more)!


Throwback to tennis last year on holiday!

A teacher from junior school once referenced me in class regarding my hobby of running. He said, “If Kathryn stopped running, she’d stop being as good at it.” Although I didn’t run as much as I do now between the ages of 12 and 16, the thing that would encourage me to go out for just a happy mile run every now and then would be the memory of my teacher saying this. When I bumped into him the other day I just had to tell him that, “Sir, I still run!” He also used to talk to me about playing tennis (I used to have lessons once a week when I was younger). Every summer I get back into tennis and although I can still hit the ball and get a serve in, I regret deciding to stop playing so much. I always think how good I could be now if I carried on… I’ve stopped “being as good at it.”

And once again, this morning, after playing a few sets of tennis I fell back in love harder despite never actually falling out of love. I have never been a strong server but was delighted to watch my feeble attempts land in. I was happy to return pretty strong (for a mediocre every-now-and-then player) backhands and run around the court getting worn out as I did.

I definitely want to pick up hobbies I used to love when I was younger. We grow out of things/give up things for one reason or another and the two things I gave up – running and playing my keyboard – are two things I want to bring back. Starting with tennis!

Happy Half Year!

~ Kat ~


7 thoughts on “A Half Year’s Resolution | A Forgotten Sport

  1. Wife Talk says:

    Mine was to attend my yoga class weekly… I have so failed! The studio actually emailed me Monday saying it is was my half year and to restart my resolution! Hahah. I am going to do it!

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