A Day off With Food

Since I had a day off today and last week I visited Wimbledon which meant a lot of unhealthy snacking because we had very little preparation time (not that I gave myself a hard time!), I thought I’d write a post about all of the meals I had today. After last Wednesday I got back into a more happily conscious routine of eating. Today I was happy to have a day where I really thought about what I was eating- although it turned out to be far more simpler day than planned.


I used to despise porridge and only ever ate it before running events because I understood its benefits. I now love it! This porridge with berries is just about my favourite breakfast- despite the fact my photos of it always makes it look a little gross!


Today was the first time I made kale crisps. SO YUMMY. If you google “kale crisps recipe” there are a million different suggestions as to how to make them- a million I must try. I simply oven baked the bits of green after tearing the kale into smaller pieces, spraying them with olive oil and a little bit of paprika!


Since I was out and about holiday shopping this afternoon, lunchtime was centred around a trip to Nando’s. Their creamy mash is just about one of my favourite foods but I am making a pretty big effort to “choose healthy” in restaurants and so I went for the quinoa salad. Although not the absolute healthiest, I had my first experience of quinoa and I am so excited to add it into my meals at home. This salad was ace.



I had a very “Kat” evening where I became dreamy-eyed over the sunset with my (whole wheat- I’m really enjoying this alternative to “normal” pasta!) pasta with avocado, cucumber and spicy tomato sauce, followed by my blueberries.

I don’t think I ate enough today and definitely didn’t drink enough- my evening started with a massive headache. All the same it ended with a pretty sunset and the starting of season 5 of Suits- perfect.

~ Kat ~


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