“Not all Those who Wander are Lost” | Malta

When Aaron and I went on holiday last week we did a lot of wandering- hence, the implementation of the J. R. R. Tolkien quote. Suited up in holiday clothes and bags full of sunglasses, spending money and towels, most days we were also able to grin like Bilbo and say “I’m going on an adventureeee!” Our travels within Malta were without a doubt one of my absolute favourite parts (although you will hear me say that phrase alongside other activities a lot in regards to our holiday) of the ten days!




On the Monday (the second day of our holiday) we visited Valletta for the afternoon. Valletta is the beautiful capital of Malta. I think it was a forty minute bus ride away from Bugibba and was very different to our holiday base. The buildings were, although I am no architect, incredible, architecturally. It wasn’t just the surrounding area of the main town that was beautiful, the town centre was too. The shops (which included all of the names known well to the UK) were placed in the most brilliant beige buildings. There were wiry balconies and grand entrances and I wish we could visit every week!

I swung on some funnily placed swings for an arts festival taking place in Valletta and then we ate lunch at an Italian placed in a winding alley that made it feel more and more movie-like. We then wandered out of the town centre and admired the old and pretty buildings before walking along, looking out into the sea.




On the Friday of our holiday we went to In-Naxxar, after a short bus journey. We simply went to the bus station, not knowing where we were heading. We decided we would get on a bus and just get off wherever we fancied. Since we thought In-Naxxar looked really delicate and pretty from the bus window, we hopped off and took a wander. It was full of winding streets of houses, pastel colours and shops we hadn’t seen before. In-Naxxar was particularly special because it wasn’t very tourist-y at all. It was just a little town (or it seemed so after what we saw) where people were going about their business and we got to soak in the beauty of the place while they did so!




On our last full day we wanted to make sure we visited St. Julian’s Bay as I had wanted to all week. So, once again, we hopped on a bus and hopped back off, walked through a few strips of town before we found the rocky bay. I stood in the sea, read on the rocks and then Aaron and I played a tennis game I brought with us. We wanted to explore but were not sure what we were exploring as we wandered about. We ended up at Portomaso Marina (the boat photo above!) and took a stroll around it before we headed back.

I can’t decide exactly what I thought of the busses in Malta. Although I don’t have any complaints (and they had air con which was very useful!), I’m not sure how reliable they are in coming on time- no country is exempt from that problem, I don’t think! However half of the time I was oblivious so it could have been totally fine. All the same, the busses were so handy in our adventures and I’m grateful there was a good enough system to allow us to explore so much of the island.

~ Kat ~


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