A Day Trip to the Blue Lagoon

On our holiday to Malta last week Aaron and I booked a trip to the Blue Lagoon. We got on our little, busy boat and set off an hour later once everyone was on board. It was the day before the sea was to get a bit choppy and it did mean for quite the adventure- we both adored the boat trip alone because we found the waves pretty therapeutic and turned into excited children when we got splashed.






Before arriving at Comino Island where the Blue Lagoon lies, a few caves were pointed out to us- one was the cave where Robin Williams fought an octopus in Popeye and one looked like it had Australia carved out of it (although not quite as big). After hopping off of the boat, Aaron and I shared a pineapple full of fruit which was super yummy seen as the day was so hot.

I could stare at the Blue Lagoon all day, every day- none of my photos do it any justice. The sea was a few different shades of blue- my favourite being the light and bright swimming pool kind of blue that is far prettier when it twinkles just above the white sand. It is surrounded by rocks, and even though it is very tourist-based, none of it takes away from the breathtaking blue waters.

Aaron and I spent our time at the Blue Lagoon snorkelling and swimming in the crystal sea. After putting our snorkelling gear back we had a little swim, my heart stopping at the sight of a jelly fish. I swam back to the rocks as if I’d just had an encounter with a shark. The Blue Lagoon is pretty known for being friends with jelly fish so we were quite cautious! We weren’t able to get to the second destination and so a safer place was found to “park up” and I finished my first book of the week while sunbathing from the boat. It was my absolute favourite day trip of the ten days- it felt like a slice of paradise.

~ Kat ~


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