A Foodie in Malta

Eating abroad is, of course, one of the best parts of going on holiday for me. Our holiday to Malta last week, which meant a nearly daily try out of a different ice cream, included a lot of yummy food. Although this particular day of food did not include a trip to an ice cream parlour (major sad face), I decided to take pictures of all of the food I ate last Thursday- the day we visited the Blue Lagoon.



For breakfast we tried out Dr. Juice, a healthy cafe in the main square of Bugibba- where we stayed. I tried one of the super veggie juices which was made of freshly squeezed cucumber, spinach, carrots, lemon, kale and chia seeds. To eat, I had a cookies and cream cake made of so many raw ingredients: tiger nuts, almonds, raw cacao, agave syrup, coconut oil, cacao butter and cashew nuts. It was all so delicious and so healthy. I have always wanted to give baking these healthy, yummy cakes a try but wondered whether I’d like them because they normally involve nuts- I am not a fan normally. However since I enjoyed this so much I plan on baking something similar very soon.


When we arrived at the Blue Lagoon there was a fruit stool selling lots of fruit (like pots of watermelon or strawberries) but I, of course, wanted the pineapple full of fruit. So I got it. It was super yummy and made me happy because at home I make, what-I-call, grapefruit bowls full of fruit and it reminded me of those. The pineapple was stuffed with watermelon, strawberries and apples!


When we were on the boat again after our trip to the Blue Lagoon, Aaron and I ordered some lunch. I got this chicken salad. Of course it’s not as healthy and exciting as I’d try to make it, but as food from a little boat goes, it was pretty awesome and there was so much chicken that it did fill me up!



When we got back we went for dinner at a restaurant overlooking the sea. We shared calamari to start which was so, so good. We hadn’t had any before that evening on holiday (very unlike us!) and we were glad to finally indulge in calamari again. I then had seafood pasta- something I order every holiday because it’s probably my favourite dinner. This one had a tomato-y sauce with prawns, muscles, a king prawn and capers.

Writing this post has made me miss the food I ate in Malta so much. I’m pretty determined to buy all of these ingredients so I can remake this day of food and dedicate a whole day to crying about how yummy it all is.

~ Kat ~


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