Blue Grotto & Marsaxlokk Fishing Village

Aaron’s favourite holiday activity is going to a market, and so last year and this year on our holiday to Malta we made sure we booked in a market trip. He gets far too excited at the chance of “bartering” and finding “cheap deals.” I particularly adored this year’s market trip because it felt like a Perfect Kat Day Out as well as Aaron’s.

blue grooto




We were picked up at about 9am and once again, since the island is so small, it took, I think, about half an hour/40 minutes to arrive at the Blue Grotto- the first part of our trip. We only spent 45 minutes there but we took a nice stroll around the area, picking up a few presents for family from the shops. I particularly enjoyed our little wander because the area was so bright- so green and so blue!






Then it was another short trip and we were at Marsaxlokk fishing village, ready to market up! With strict instructions as to the presents that needed to be bought and knick-knacks Aaron wanted to find, we set off on our mission. I, however, got distracted. All week I had seen postcards with photographs of the brightest little boats clustered together on blue water. As I saw through a gap between stalls, it was Marsaxlokk that was printed on the card. Now I was on a new mission: to get the prettiest photographs to show off on Instagram. The harbour was so pretty and so bright, busy with lots of people taking in its beauty.

Marsaxlokk really was more than picturesque. I so want to go back on a weekday and experience the whole village (without the market, despite how awesome it was). It was the most beautiful village I have stepped foot in, with restaurants and cafes that looked incredible; with pretty buildings and the funny little boats that were all sorts of colours from the rainbow.

The market itself was absolutely brilliant. It was huge – HUGE! – and the star rating of a market should be measure by the grin on Aaron’s face. And the grin matched the size of the market. It had everything you could ever want in a market: lots of food; generic holiday gifts like magnets; clothing; toys. We particularly enjoyed a product called Are Not Socks- these colourful pieces of material to tie your hair up in. For 10 year old Kat I wanted to buy one. We found them all the more awesome when, amused, we heard the lady selling them singing something along the lines of, “Are not socks; they are bands to make buns!” Needless to say, we still sing this when going over memories from last week… and I don’t think that will stop.

~ Kat ~


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