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I have made a goal to run in every country I visit- which started on my last holiday! So I, of course, ran on my holiday in Malta too. It was mid afternoon last Monday and I was a little worried about how hot it was going to be due to the time of day. All the same, we didn’t have much more time to get a run in, so, mid afternoon, Aaron and I slipped on our running shoes and headed down St. Paul’s Bay’s promenade. We had swum and walked a lot all week and so we were happy with a 5k run, although, amazingly, I wanted to keep on running!


Since I only ran once on holiday, I didn’t want to waste too much time taking photos and so I didn’t get the best ones, but rest assured, Bugibba made for attractive running views. With palm trees dotted along the promenade, boats sat on top of the sea and the sound of lots of happy holidays, it was easy to relax into the run and watch the afternoon unfold.

Aaron and I ran along St. Paul’s Bay, passing the restaurants we had found the night before. We noted that we didn’t feel as uncomfortably hot as we expected and that it really wasn’t that bad to run in. One of the reasons I would adore living in a hot country is the thought of improving my fitness to the extent I could run long distances in 30+ degree heat. I was happy to be out running again because, before I left, my foot was pretty injured and I was happy our holiday came in time for me to rest a good few days. And, sure enough, a few days into being in Malta, my foot had healed.

I’m to be running the Great South Run in October and my plan was to start some proper training as soon as holiday was over- which I have. One thing I massively need to improve on is my speed in the heat- seen as Great South Run fell on an unusually (although not that unusual according to Great South Run history) hot October day. Although the run wasn’t very fast at all, that my fitness has seemed to improve enough not to cry and fall to the floor from sadness at running in the heat, the run in the over 30 degree heat gave me hope that I can improve my speed- not that the Great South Run will be quite as hot. I hope!

~ Kat ~


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