3 New Adventures

Writing these eight posts about our holiday to Malta has made the ten days even easier to miss and reminiscing over photos of everything we did and everywhere we saw has pretty much made me want to gather all of my belongings and just get back on a plane. Malta was the best holiday companion and it gave me three new experiences that created three of the best memories and tastes.


The sea I snorkelled in, watched as I ate my fish and screamed as our “sofa” crashed over waves!


Before Malta I had never snorkelled. Aaron has always talked about doing so when he was younger and so, at the beginning of the week, we bought two snorkelling kits and he spent a morning teaching me- a lesson that took place all week since I constantly kept breathing through my nose and learning the hard way that this is not the way. I adored snorkelling; we took our kits to a lot of the places we visited; my favourite adventure being snorkelling in the Blue Lagoon. I became childishly excited at the sight of fish; waving at them as if I had never seen one before. I now know that I will snorkel anywhere I go on holiday!

Fish platter

Being a massive foodie means that, when it comes to the evenings on holiday, I am more than excited to have a menu in front of me, ready to try something new or something pretentious I adore. One aim of Malta was to try swordfish. A few nights into the holiday we found a restaurant that served a fish platter of salmon, swordfish, tuna and cerna. It was delicious and I was so happy to have all of this fish at once since I also wanted to try tuna steak! Yum.

Water fun

We had hoped to go jet skiing on holiday but we wanted to be cautious about money and the activity itself, and so, to save money we decided to choose one of the silly, fun water activities like banana boats. We chose what was called a “crazy sofa.” With our hands held on to the handles of an inflatable, Aaron sat about a me-sapce away from me as we were pulled by a boat over lots of waves. Even though I felt super sore the next day, it was a ridiculously fun ten minutes where we both screamed a lot. 

Since I am writing no more posts about holiday, it feels exactly like January 2nd after the festive period- a little sombre and nostalgic in regards to the last couple weeks or so of festivity. It’s time to stop pining over Malta… Or at least pretend I’m not thinking about it every second of every day.

~ Kat ~


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