My Week | Great South Run Training

Despite having a few events booked in – a couple being before the Great South – my main fitness drive right now is for the Great South. I am running it in order to raise money, essentially, for Lewis, my pal who suffered from a brain haemorrhage earlier this year. A massive part of my training involves lots of varied exercise. Fitness relies on doing lots of different training. I thought it’d be fun to document how I’m training specifically for the Great South on the blog- here is what my workout week looked like last week!


Last week was far too lovely not to exercise loads outside!

MONDAY (leg day)

  • 3.6 mile run to the gym
  • 10 minute cycle on cycling machine
  • Leg press: 1 x 90; 1 x 100; 1 x 110; 1 x 120
  • 3 x 12 exercise ball squats against the wall
  • 1 minute 30 seconds ski sit
  • 4kg kettlebells: 3 x 10 lunges (5 on each leg)
  • 4 kg kettlebells: 3 x 20 tippy-toe walk (so professional)
  • 2.4 mile run back from the gym
  • 1 hour of Zumba (which included a floor workout and a squat routine- OUCH!)

TUESDAY = rest day

WEDNESDAY (arm day)

  • Seated row: 1 x 15; 1 x 20; 1 x 25
  • Functional trainer: 2 x 3.75; 1 x 5 triceps (cannot find the official name for it anywhere)
  • Functional trainer: 2 x 3.75; 1 x 5 triceps pull
  • Functional trainer: 2 x 3.75; 1 x 5 over head extension
  • 4 kg hand weights in each hand: 3 x 12
  • Shoulder press: 1 x 15; 1 x 20; 1 x 25
  • Lat pulldown machine (fists faced forward): 1 x 15; 1 x 20; 1 x 25*
  • Lat pulldown machine (fists faced backward): 1 x 15; 1 x 20; 1 x 25*
  • 500m rowing machine
  • 10 minutes on cross trainer

* Lat pulldown machine does target the back and not the arms however I love the machine and don’t currently have a day to just target the back! I’ll normally do chest press on this day too- but the machine was being used for the whole time I was there on this day!

THURSDAY (leg day ERRRRYDAY… well, two or three times a week)

  • 10 minute cycle on the machine of cycling
  • Leg press: 1 x (12) 70; 1 x (12) 80; 1 x (12) 90; 1 x (12) 100 (legs were a bit weaker today so tried not to push it too much on the leg press)
  • 4 x 12 exercise ball squats against the wall
  • 2 x 1 minute ski sit
  • 4kg kettlebells: 4 x 10 lunges (5 on each leg)
  • 4 kg kettlebells: 4 x 20 tippy-toe walk
  • 5 mile run (hot hot hot HOT)

FRIDAY (arm day)

  • 1.2 mile run to the gym
  • Chest press: (1 x)  12 x 3.5 kg; (2x) 12 x 5kg
  • Shoulder press: (1 x) 12 x 10; (2 x) q0 x 15
  • 4kg handweights in each hand: (3 x) 12 x 4kg
  • Low row: 12 x 20; 12 x 25; 12 x 30; 12 x 35
  • Functional trainer: 2 x 3.75; 1 x 5 triceps (cannot find the official name for it anywhere)
  • Functional trainer: 2 x 3.75; 1 x 5 triceps pull
  • Functional trainer: 2 x 3.75; 1 x 5 over head extension
  • Lat pulldown machine (fists faced forward): 1 x 15; 1 x 20; 1 x 25
  • Lat pulldown machine (fists faced backward): 1 x 15; 1 x 20; 1 x 25
  • 1.1 mile run back from the gym
  • 1 hour of badminton
  • Altogether: 2 hours of walking

SATURDAY (cardio)

  • F-AB-ulous session (in the next week a link will appear to explain the terribly named “session”)

SUNDAY (all body)

  • Badminton
  • 1 hour of walking
  • 5.5 mile run

Most of my workouts last week took place early doors because I adore getting most or all of what I want to do done in the morning so I don’t need to stress about when it needs to get done. It also means sweating out stress and being completely ready for a cheesily positive day. Which is always a massive bonus.  I didn’t manage to fit in swimming and tennis despite plans to and due to rain my 10 mile run had to be abandoned midway through but I will be doing all of these things this week!

Writing down everything I have been up to has been super helpful- it’s something I want to keep doing, whether I blog about it or not. It was a tiring week of exercise that, thankfully didn’t catch up with me until Saturday morning when I was supposed to get up for a run. Instead I felt how desperately I needed an extra hour of sleep and slept away- saving a little run for the evening! When you need a rest, you need a rest. I also would have spaced my running out a bit more (and run at least one more time) had I not been recovering from a cold but, once again, you gotta do what you gotta do. I don’t think I’ve written this up very well because gym measurements have confused me a bit this week- and I was confused even more upon reading up on it.

This week has reinforced, however, how different my gym at home is in comparison to university. For reasons I don’t quite understand I am capable of higher weights on the resistance machines at my gym in Cardiff- this was confirmed when there was a month when I was at both gyms and I was doing so much more in Cardiff. Although of course I understand that I probably am not doing any more or less in any one place and it’s all machine-dependent (I have no idea!). It is one reason why I am super excited to get back to university because I felt like progression was move visible in terms of progressing literally on the machines. However I have seen my body change this summer so whatever is confusing here here can’t be that bad!


  • Keep slowly progressing at the gym at home (this wasn’t a week for progressing on the machines since I started the week a little under the weather)
  • Try out classes at the gym a few times before I return to Cardiff
  • Swim and play tennis
  • Keep up swimming and tennis from now on

~ Kat ~

What I Eat on Work Days

On a lot of Wednesdays and Saturdays this summer I go from one job at a shop in the morning to working at a pub in the evening. On days like this I will often want to shove in some kind of exercise and on top of this eat in the quickest (and healthiest) way possible. Since I was starting pretty late in the shop today (12:30) I wasn’t feeling too rushed but happily whipped up a couple of super easy pieces of food that were full of healthiness.



Yesterday morning after going to the gym I was H-A-N-G-R-Y (normally I eat beforehand). So I grabbed two rice cakes and sliced some avocado onto them; added a pinch of salt and pepper; chucked a bunch of tomatoes on. Y-U-M-M-Y. You could be having the most simple and rubbish meal but avocado multiplies the “look how lah-de-dah I’m trying to be” by about 1000. I was wanting a smoothie as soon as I woke up and so, ten minutes later, I whipped up a smoothie made of a bunch of leftover fruits that were nearly at the end of their lives: a banana; two kiwis; a handful of spinach; a handful of frozen raspberries; filled the smoothie cup half with coconut almond milk and the rest with water. It sounded a bit random to me but actually tasted super yummy.



Then for lunch I made my spicy sweet potato mash (recipe here!) which may sound weird as a main but I cannot stop eating it.Sweet potato is so so good for you and I love it in every form but I am particularly in love with sweet potato mash right now. I then headed out to the beach before work (not really a busy work day, is it?!) and munched on some fresh raspberries- my favourite fruit at the moment.


For dinner I needed a quick meal for the manic between job 1 and job 2 and so Aaron cooked up lamb spaghetti Bolognese full of veg (I added cheese on top too). I drunk a lot of water and organic white tea (so yum and so good for your body) yesterday and so I felt incredibly hydrated- which hasn’t been the case recently because I have felt so full of cold.

Healthy and quick food like this makes busy days run so much nicer!

~ Kat ~

Spicy Sweet Potato Mash

I adore mash but I’ve recently heard a lot of people say that they find it boring and pointless. I wanted to make a sweet potato mash recipe with a little bit of a bite and test out whether one of the people who said such a terrible thing still find it quite so tasteless. And the lovely and happy moral of the story was: sssshh your face; mash can be as flavourful as you like!


Ingredients | For one couch sweet potato

  • 2 medium sweet potatoes
  • 1 medium red onion
  • A little bit of red chilli
  • 30ml of almond milk
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Pepper


  1.  Boil the kettle full of water to fill a medium pan. Peel the potatoes. Peel the red onion and cut into circles.
  2. Pop the potato, onions and a pinch of salt into the pan and fill with water. Boil on a medium heat for 15-20 minutes (until super soft!).
  3. Cut off as much chilli as you like- I only use two little chops and I take out the seeds. Place in a mixing bowl.
  4. Once the potato and onions are boiled, drain and pour into the mixing bowl. Cut the onions into smaller pieces. Add a bit more salt and a few sprinkles of pepper.
  5. Mash it all together with a fork and add a tiny bit of almond milk and mix again. Add the rest of the milk – or as you see fit – and mix until it’s fluffy and yummy-looking. (In the picture above I used a tad too much milk so be careful!)

I love this as a side, as part of a Buddha bowl or as a snack! I’m excited to try out other ways to make interesting mash- adding a bit of coconut oil gives it a really yummy tropical taste which is particularly nice during the summer. It’s all dairy free and so awesomely healthy that it’s hard not to make for every single meal.

I think it’s time to stop getting quite so excited about potato.

~ Kat ~

The Gym and Me

After joining a gym in Cardiff (where I go to university) last year, I have never looked back. Not once. For a year or so before this choice it was always at the back of the mind that I would love to join a gym. I simply never made the jump for no particular reason at all. And that was super lame. So I took advantage of a no joining fee deal and apart from a month or so that (altogether) I would have been at home from uni, I went 3-5 times every week. Just in time for summer this year I joined a local gym at home because the thought of a summer without a gym was just not a thought I was going to entertain. I thought I’d address a lot of misconceptions about the gym and what I personally get from the gym because I feel like so many more people would make the move if fears were corrected and perspective from all sorts of different people was given!


Childish excitement because I was going to the gym!

  • There are multiple silly, ridiculous and offensive stigmas/expectations attached to going to the gym. A few that spring immediately to mind are that “females shouldn’t lift”; “you have to be a hench man to fit in”; “everyone who goes to the gym is a Nike model and dedicates their every second to fitness.” All of these I could never believe- and my eyes were opened even more widely to how stupid these views are when I entered “gym life.” The gym is a very personal experience and it exists for us to get fit/fitter, be healthy and excel. Women and men can lift and people of all shapes and sizes can buy a gym membership and head down when they like. Every week I incorporate the chest press into my workouts and in the next year I plan on weights featuring more in my weekly routine. Because I want to and I can.
  • Something a few people have said to me is that they’d feel uncomfortable in a “gym environment.” They have said the would fear the people who go the gym, fear not knowing what to do and that guys or girls will judge how they look- whether that be positively or negatively. I have had pretty positive experiences with most people who work at the gyms I have joined. Just the other day I couldn’t work out why the bar on the chest press wouldn’t move; I asked a member of staff to help and as embarrassingly easy as it was to sort out, it was far less embarrassing than struggling for what could have been about ten minutes. Secondly, I really believe that most people at the gym are there to further themselves and couldn’t care less about what’s going on around them. It isn’t a room to inspire arrogance- it simply inspires confidence.
  • Another common misconception of the gym is that “It’ll just be too hard.” Of course you can make it as hard as you like but with any gym activity I can possibly think of there are variations of difficulty. There are also activities for different goals and so absolutely everything depends on your aims and what you want to change/improve. I didn’t go anywhere near the weights section for the first couple of months and didn’t until a few machines and activities were explained to me by my boyfriend. Even though he was lifting far more than me he suggested weights that might suit me and after doing some “easier” options I tried some “harder” weights. Increasing difficulty is so effective for me.

My five things that make it more than easy to get in the gym:

  1. For me the gym could never be a waste of money, and that’s because I make sure it isn’t a chore- I miss the gym when I’m not there or can’t go. I can’t wait until the next time I go. There’s so much to do (I cannot wait to start going to classes!) that it can never be boring. That’s the mentality the gym has given me and it transcends into other parts of my life.
  2. I can see the changes in myself that are all to do with the gym- including my mindset. My absolute main aim was to tone up my arms. I have a few other aims with them yet, but they have shaped a lot during the last year and my confidence has sky rocketed in regards to my arms (and with the whole of me- confidence is what the gym, for sure, gives you!). I even wear sleeveless dresses, tops and gym tops now (which is because of my confidence, not necessarily because of the changes)!
  3. Alongside running, it’s my biggest stress relief. It’s the best thing to lose yourself in the gym and workout your stress instead of obsessing over it/feeling glum. And all the while you’re getting something as brilliant as “becoming fitter” from it.
  4. The gym teaches me so much. I have learnt about so many different muscles and what kind of exercises target what muscles- what kind of fitness it increases.
  5. The gym shows me how I can do all of it at home too. Sometimes I physically can’t make it to the gym at home because it is a four mile run away. However the gym has easily shown me exercises I can do from the comfort of my living room. From exercises on the mat to what you can do with tools like hand weights, if you really don’t want to go to the gym or can’t ever make it there, gym in your own home. I just love what I get out of the exercises so I would be perfectly happy to do it all at home if I had all of the equipment. I don’t think I’d actually ever transfer everything from the gym to my home (even if I had the money!) but I adore the mat exercises I learn and just doing them in the living room.

I can see I have acted like one of those gym employees everyone fears but I enjoy the gym so much and wish I joined a gym far sooner. While I go to the gym 3-5 times a week in Cardiff, I probably have averaged out as about 3 times at home this summer because I also play badminton and swim at the gym (although I don’t pay for an all inclusive membership), go to Zumba and, of course, run and play tennis. Even though it’s hard to get to, it’s so worth it I could never regret it.

~ Kat ~

The “I Have a Cold” Smoothie Bowl

I have wanted to try making a smoothie bowl for a long, long time. Last night I felt a cold coming on and grabbed a bunch of ingredients for a recipe idea I had to make one of those beautifully colourful bowls of goodness I always see on Instagram. I had no idea if the flavours would work altogether but I gathered it wouldn’t taste all that bad. I felt better this morning but still a little groggy and I genuinely felt lifted from what must be named The “I Have a Cold” Smoothie Bowl (although I am going to be having this all the time since it’s super sweet and I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth). Super sweet and the prettiest pink, I now completely understand this smoothie bowl phenomena! They are officially my favourite breakfast!



Ingredients | For one cold-filled human/sweet-toothed human

For the main bowl

  • 1 banana
  • A big handful of frozen raspberries
  • 1 passion fruit
  • 2 dollops of Greek yoghurt
  • 150ml coconut water
  • A few splashes of apple juice
  • A little bit of water

For the topping

  • 1 banana
  • 1 kiwi fruit
  • Lots of chia seeds


  1. Piece the banana into four or five small chunks; chuck it in your blender.
  2. Drop the big handful of frozen raspberries into your blender.
  3. Cut your passion fruit in half and scoop both halves into the mix- passion fruit is an awesome fruit to help prevent/soften common diseases like colds!
  4. Dollop the Greek yoghurt in- makes smoothies super duper creamy!
  5. Then for the liquids: pour in the coconut water; add a few small splashes of apple juice for extra sweetness; pour in some water to fill what is left to fill up.
  6. Blend!
  7. Pour into a bowl- SMOOTHIE IN A BOWL?!
  8. Layer or decorate in anyway you wish with sliced banana and kiwi and sprinkle lots of chia seeds on top too!

I didn’t do the greatest job with decorating but am determined to make lots of these and improve on my two year old artistic skills. I think I’m going to try making this with kiwi in the smoothie too next time just to sweeten it up that bit more. This morning this breakfast cheered me right up after feeling a bit glum- I am the worst person when it comes to colds. The sweetness of the smoothie mixed with the chunky bits of fruit and the awesome crunch of all of the chia seeds was just perfect!

~ Kat ~

Two Best Friends in London

On my 17th Birthday three and half years ago my best friend Rachel gave me the gift of going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Three and half years later we actually got around to booking the tour and spending a day in London before travelling to the studio tour and fangirling out… A lot.





After meeting Rachel at Waterloo, we tubed away to complete our mission: find The Mae Deli, Ella Woodward’s (Deliciously Ella) healthy restaurant. I have been wanting to go for what feels like too long and I was so delighted we incorporated this into our day. Too hungry to get a decent picture of my food, I almost immediately dug into my Mae Bowl- spiced peanut sweet potatoes; roasted potatoes with sun dried tomatoes and green beans; Asian style broccoli and bok choi; crunchy asparagus, baby carrot and hazelnut salad. It was as yummy as I knew it would be, the restaurant itself is gorgeous and the staff are super friendly. I also picked up one of Ella Woodward’s new energy balls which I was so super excited about and I munched on it after the gym today- so delicious!



We headed to Oxford Street to do some shopping- Brandy Melville needs to stop being so perfect because I couldn’t stop picking up stuff and wanting to buy it all. We then wandered through London and ended up at some lovely gardens and we sat there with a drink and strawberries, soaking up the sunshine (I was deliriously happy to wake up on a day off to the best weather!).



And then to Harry Potter dreamland! We were both getting so sleepy by the time it came to our slot – half six – which we were pretty upset about. We also had to whizz round far quicker than we’d have liked (because of train times back!) and so we will definitely head back in a year or so! All the same, we adored our tour around. It was just so fascinating to see the sets, props, costumes etc. It was so silly-ily (that’s a word!) exciting to realise where a prop or costume belonged in the films and to point it out with all of the fangirl enthusiasm in me. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the tour is an absolute must for you.

Best friend is now off to Madrid for a year to study and so it was oh-so-magical to spend a whole day with her in London! And now to be sad for a year while she spends a year in such an Instagram-worthy place, eating tapas and being without me!

~ Kat ~

A Bowl of Protein

When it’s been a long day, I’ve exercised quite a lot and I’ve arrived home pretty late, a protein-filled meal is what I aim for. I might be feeling tired and my muscles a bit floppy and so I’ll need strength and reparation from food. In order to shove loads and loads of goodness in, I love having a salad- it’s so easy to add as much as you like with as much variety as you like too! It will have to be filling though and so I essentially make a simple meal (meat, potato and veggies) into a salad. It’s completely simple and doesn’t require a lot of imagination but it’s my absolute saviour.



Ingredients | For one protein-hungry human

  • A few handfuls of lettuce (of your choice)
  • 1 chicken fillet
  • 1 medium-big sweet potato
  • 80g quinoa
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • 60g mozzarella
  • 1/4 whole cucumber
  • 14 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 small red onion
  • 1/2 lemon
  • A pinch or so of pink Himalayan salt
  • A bit of pepper
  • Oil (I use Fry Light)


  1. Boil the kettle, placing the quinoa in a small pan. Pour double the amount of water in ratio to the quinoa into the pan (or follow instructions as to how to boil on pack) and put the heat to low. Set a timer for 20 minutes. Stir occasionally.
  2. Put eggs into a medium pan and just about cover with cold water. Boil away! Once the water has started to bubble, drain the hot water and cover with cold water. Put to one side.
  3. Pour a generous amount of boiled water into bigger pan and add a couple of pinches of Himalayan salts to the water and put on the heat to medium-high.
  4. Peel the sweet potato and cut into cube-like chunks. Pop the the potato into the big pan after 5 minutes of the quinoa cooking away. Stir every now and then.
  5. Cut up chicken fillet into bite-size pieces. Heat pan on a medium-high heat with some kind of oil. Chuck the chicken in and keep an eye on it- moving them around often to insure the pieces are cooked.
  6. While everything is cooking, chop up your veggies. Cube the cucumber, half the cherry tomatoes and finely cute the red onion.
  7. Cut up the lettuce, placing it on a plate or a salad bowl. Slice up the mozzarella and place the circles over the lettuce- at this point I like to pretend I’m in Italy, eating alfresco as the sun sets. Do this too.
  8.  Mix the veg in together and spread across the salad.
  9. Peel off the shell of the eggs, rinse the white ovals and cut in half. Add to salad.
  10. Drain sweet potato and add the chicken and potato to the bowl. Cover with quinoa.
  11. Cut lemon into half and use the juice of it to cover the salad.

I used to find salads so pointless and unfulfilling and yet I have realised they can be the most useful and fulfilling meals. They can be a base for a massive dinner, a side to add that bit more nutritious to a dinner or an extra filling to a sandwich. It’s hard not to feel a bit smug when I’m getting as much of the ingredients as possible onto a fork and tasting all its yumminess together.

~ Kat ~

3 Favourite London Adventures

One reason I had always wanted to start a blog was because every time I went on holiday or visited a place I ached to document it. I was massively into scrapbooking when I was younger and writing about trips and experiences echos the same kind of nostalgic excitement whilst you recall memories and photographs. I thought starting a blog after certain trips meant it would be pointless to document them a long time afterwards but I’m treating any posts like these as a late scrapbook entry. And today I am flicking through photos of my trip to London with Aaron last summer; remembering my three favourite parts of our few days taking in the city with red busses and glittery lights.




Wandering about

My absolute favourite part of our trip was just wandering about: being tourists; snapping photos; doing nothing fancier than simply taking in London. There’s something about the hustle and bustle of London that makes it magical whether it’s cold, hot, blue-skied or shadowed by grey clouds. I know not everyone feels the same way but it’s a city, to me, full of brilliance. We adored finding little hidden parts we didn’t expect to see (like the cluster of bars and brightness you would find if you could step into the second picture placed above), stopping to watch people busking and walking through the city with no end destination in mind. We did pack in a lot in our three days: I took Aaron to his first viewing of Wicked (a fourth favourite memory from our trip); we went up the Shard; we shopped. However my favourite memories have to be the easy and calm wanders that might seem impossible what with all of the noise.


A little boat trip

One thing we definitely wanted to do was take a touristy boat trip down the River Thames. And it’s something I would do again and again. I didn’t take many pictures because I adored taking in all of the sights and listening to the cockney guide chat about all of the points of interest. Aaron and I both agree it was a such an awesome use of our time. We laughed over Aaron’s theory that the guide wasn’t actually from anywhere near London and that he put on an accent to win our charmed smiles (and our tips). We, of course, fell for his endearing accent all the same and emptied our pockets since we felt the trip was reasonably priced (although I can’t remember the price now!) and something that little bit different to spending our money on “I Love London” Tshirts.*




Night time in the city

Dressing up in the evenings and heading out into London felt particularly special. We “London’d up” in our finest gear, drunk some fancy prosecco and one night, enjoyed an incredible steak. We found it exciting to use the tubes to get to wherever in London we wanted to explore for the evening and adored the atmosphere nighttime in London brings. We adored seeing the famous buildings changing into black paper cut outs of the capital city when the sky darkened and how the moon made the Thames sparkle- everything felt like a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

I’ll be back in London on Monday and then again in late September and I definitely cannot wait to be reunited!

~ Kat ~

* Please note that we both got matching “I Love London” Tshirts and may have taken just a few photos of this decision.

Easy Peasy Healthy Chocolate Milkshake

For me, being healthy means including everything I love into my lifestyle in the healthiest way. For me, it’s also about not ignoring the less “healthy” options that I adore as long as it’s all in moderation or I’m converting as much as possible to the “healthier” side of the spectrum- because, after all, it makes me feel awesome. And so recently I created a healthy chocolate milkshake that is an amazing substitute for any chocolate cravings, a brilliant general snack and a pre/post-workout dream.


Ingredients | For one chocolate lover

  • 1 small-medium B-A-N-A-N-A…(s)
  • A handful of frozen raspberries
  • 1 heaped tablespoon of almond butter
  • 1 tablespoon of raw cacao powder
  • 4 sprinkles of chia seeds
  • 175ml (unsweetened) almond milk
  • A little water


Simply break the banana into pieces and add to your cup that attaches to your blender. Use avocado instead of banana if you don’t like the yellow fruit- a tip I learnt from Ella Woodward’s recipe book, Every Day! Throw in the rest of your ingredients- adjusting your level of cacao-y to how you like it. Add a few sprinkles of chia seeds. Add the almond milk and fill the rest of the cup with water. Blend! Sprinkle the remaining chia seeds on top for extra protein!


After running to the gym, working out there and then running back, this was exactly what I needed earlier today to help my body recover. I whipped it up before I left and had it ready and waiting in the fridge for me- I smugly opened the fridge door, laughing in the usual Unprepared Kat’s face.

Chocolatey, magic-icised with protein and a smidge bitter equals a milkshake I can’t stop bringing my blender out to make.

~ Kat ~

Summer in Brighton

On Saturday, Aaron and I turned two years old- two years of annoying each other. I planned a surprise for the evening and we went to a restaurant called The Olive Tree. After a yummy meal (it included calamari yay!), a few hours of work on Sunday, we headed down to Brighton for an evening and a day away. We went to a restaurant called The House in the evening, sharing prawns for start, both having muscles for main and while I had sticky toffee pudding for dessert, Aaron had lemon meringue pie. SUPER yummy.





We spent the morning walking around the pier and playing in the arcade on silly games. I was more than delighted with my win on a particular game placed towards the end of the pier- a game Aaron evidently wanted to win. I, of course, spent the whole morning gloating of my new green friend. We were so lucky to wake up to the prettiest blue skies and we soaked up the warmth as we wandered along the pier: tourists for the day.





After a further walk around Brighton, we wandered across the beach, drifting in and out of the little shops filled with trinkets, beach merchandise and completely unique gifts. We ended up at a pub we have visited each winter for the last two years- each time uttering the words, “It would be awesome to enjoy a drink outside in the summer.” And so, we had a drink and a bite to eat in the sun before playing a game of table football.



Wanting to pack in all of Brighton’s awesomeness in one day, we headed to the shops which started with a dip into a homeware store that ended into a complete dive. While I was surrounded by mason jars, Aaron was surrounded by kitchen accessories which meant we began our mini spending spree.



After a lovely stroll through the lanes, picking up an ice cream as we strolled, we ended the day with crazy golf. We turn into children at the sight of crazy golf and so we skipped around the course, incredibly excited to see who would take the least amount of hits to make the hole.

Brighton is so lively and full of a million different things to do – whether that be something super calm or super fun – that it’s impossible to pack everything in during one day. However we enjoyed our sprinkle of what Brighton has to offer and we definitely can’t wait to return- partially because we paid for photos from a photo booth and it is general consensus that they are not good photos!

~ Kat ~