3 Easy Snack Ideas

Looking back I think I believed “snacking” was synonymous with “eating unhealthily.” And so when I was ready to snack, I picked up a pack of anything full of sugar and had one. And then a few more. Until I managed to finish the pack. In an inspirational twist of fate I realised that snacking doesn’t have to be this act that made me feel pretty terrible whilst watching Deal or No Deal, but something super tasty and fulfilling.


Salmon corn cakes and asparagus. I used this meal as a brunch yesterday morning but I am already planning to have this as a snack before work or after the gym. It only really took the time for the asparagus to cook. Whilst that was cooking away, I did exactly what you can see: spread some corn cakes with light cream cheese, rolled some salmon onto it and sprinkled some pepper over the top. YUM- perfect for when I’m really quite peckish but don’t want a proper meal for whatever reason.


Raspberry, banana and chia seed smoothie. Since buying my blender, I adore being able to whip up smoothies within a few minutes. Yesterday I used a couple of handfuls of frozen raspberries, one ripe banana, a handful of chia seeds and filled the bottle half up with almond milk and the rest with water. This is the kind of snack that is perfect when you’re a medium kind of peckish.


Cherries. It sounds silly because it’s just munching on a portion of fruit but buying fruit that’s slightly more exotic than an apple or an orange. It’s my favourite snack for when I’m a little bit hungry or just “wanting to eat” (typical Kat). If I’m wanting chocolate super badly I buy strawberries because they cure my chocolate craving like nothing else. Raspberries, cherries, mango and grapefruit are other favourites for when I have little time/am just eating for no reason/need to shove some more nutrition in somewhere. I think spending extra money on those slightly different fruits is so worth it if you’re going to enjoy those instead of a packet of Jaffa Cakes (I’m talking to you, Kat), and I will certainly feel better for it.

~ Kat ~


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