An Afternoon in Hamble-le-Rice

On Tuesday Aaron and I took our friends Honor and Loz on a surprise adventure to Hamble-le-Rice for Honor’s birthday. Despite it being an incredibly overcast day, the little village was still amazingly picturesque as we walked down the hill to find where we wanted to take Honor for lunch.


Before we set off, ready to surprise the Birthday Queen

As expected she adored The King and Queen Pub just like I do, and so we went in and had a seriously yummy (and big) lunch. The King and Queen Pub is so perfectly “Instagram” that it’s just so easy to stare at: the most eye-candy kind of pub with sofas and lanterns outside; fairy lights sparkling from the ceiling; jars filled with sauces. We tucked into to the yummiest sharing platter (CAMEMBERT EEK!) along with a few sides, and I already want to go back to try dinner at the pub where I am sure fairies and unicorns live.


Overcast prettiness


Photo bomb

Afterwards we kept strolling down the winding bricked paving and slowly wandered around the River Hamble, taking a few snaps, afterwards Honor teaching Aaron and I how to Pokemon Go. Aaron and I went to River Hamble on one of my first days of summer this year, arriving at the pretty village by accident, and we agree it was one of the best days of this summer so far. Hamble-le-Rice is very calm, dotted with strollers and dog-walkers and those using their boats.


Awkward “outside somebody’s house” photo

After Aaron discovered Loz and Honor are an even more excited at the chance of taking pretty pictures than I am (he is now patient when I take a couple of snaps), we ate cake and drunk tea at Honor’s. It was a ridiculously yummy day.

~ Kat ~


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