Summer in Brighton

On Saturday, Aaron and I turned two years old- two years of annoying each other. I planned a surprise for the evening and we went to a restaurant called The Olive Tree. After a yummy meal (it included calamari yay!), a few hours of work on Sunday, we headed down to Brighton for an evening and a day away. We went to a restaurant called The House in the evening, sharing prawns for start, both having muscles for main and while I had sticky toffee pudding for dessert, Aaron had lemon meringue pie. SUPER yummy.





We spent the morning walking around the pier and playing in the arcade on silly games. I was more than delighted with my win on a particular game placed towards the end of the pier- a game Aaron evidently wanted to win. I, of course, spent the whole morning gloating of my new green friend. We were so lucky to wake up to the prettiest blue skies and we soaked up the warmth as we wandered along the pier: tourists for the day.





After a further walk around Brighton, we wandered across the beach, drifting in and out of the little shops filled with trinkets, beach merchandise and completely unique gifts. We ended up at a pub we have visited each winter for the last two years- each time uttering the words, “It would be awesome to enjoy a drink outside in the summer.” And so, we had a drink and a bite to eat in the sun before playing a game of table football.



Wanting to pack in all of Brighton’s awesomeness in one day, we headed to the shops which started with a dip into a homeware store that ended into a complete dive. While I was surrounded by mason jars, Aaron was surrounded by kitchen accessories which meant we began our mini spending spree.



After a lovely stroll through the lanes, picking up an ice cream as we strolled, we ended the day with crazy golf. We turn into children at the sight of crazy golf and so we skipped around the course, incredibly excited to see who would take the least amount of hits to make the hole.

Brighton is so lively and full of a million different things to do – whether that be something super calm or super fun – that it’s impossible to pack everything in during one day. However we enjoyed our sprinkle of what Brighton has to offer and we definitely can’t wait to return- partially because we paid for photos from a photo booth and it is general consensus that they are not good photos!

~ Kat ~


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