3 Favourite London Adventures

One reason I had always wanted to start a blog was because every time I went on holiday or visited a place I ached to document it. I was massively into scrapbooking when I was younger and writing about trips and experiences echos the same kind of nostalgic excitement whilst you recall memories and photographs. I thought starting a blog after certain trips meant it would be pointless to document them a long time afterwards but I’m treating any posts like these as a late scrapbook entry. And today I am flicking through photos of my trip to London with Aaron last summer; remembering my three favourite parts of our few days taking in the city with red busses and glittery lights.




Wandering about

My absolute favourite part of our trip was just wandering about: being tourists; snapping photos; doing nothing fancier than simply taking in London. There’s something about the hustle and bustle of London that makes it magical whether it’s cold, hot, blue-skied or shadowed by grey clouds. I know not everyone feels the same way but it’s a city, to me, full of brilliance. We adored finding little hidden parts we didn’t expect to see (like the cluster of bars and brightness you would find if you could step into the second picture placed above), stopping to watch people busking and walking through the city with no end destination in mind. We did pack in a lot in our three days: I took Aaron to his first viewing of Wicked (a fourth favourite memory from our trip); we went up the Shard; we shopped. However my favourite memories have to be the easy and calm wanders that might seem impossible what with all of the noise.


A little boat trip

One thing we definitely wanted to do was take a touristy boat trip down the River Thames. And it’s something I would do again and again. I didn’t take many pictures because I adored taking in all of the sights and listening to the cockney guide chat about all of the points of interest. Aaron and I both agree it was a such an awesome use of our time. We laughed over Aaron’s theory that the guide wasn’t actually from anywhere near London and that he put on an accent to win our charmed smiles (and our tips). We, of course, fell for his endearing accent all the same and emptied our pockets since we felt the trip was reasonably priced (although I can’t remember the price now!) and something that little bit different to spending our money on “I Love London” Tshirts.*




Night time in the city

Dressing up in the evenings and heading out into London felt particularly special. We “London’d up” in our finest gear, drunk some fancy prosecco and one night, enjoyed an incredible steak. We found it exciting to use the tubes to get to wherever in London we wanted to explore for the evening and adored the atmosphere nighttime in London brings. We adored seeing the famous buildings changing into black paper cut outs of the capital city when the sky darkened and how the moon made the Thames sparkle- everything felt like a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

I’ll be back in London on Monday and then again in late September and I definitely cannot wait to be reunited!

~ Kat ~

* Please note that we both got matching “I Love London” Tshirts and may have taken just a few photos of this decision.


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