Two Best Friends in London

On my 17th Birthday three and half years ago my best friend Rachel gave me the gift of going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Three and half years later we actually got around to booking the tour and spending a day in London before travelling to the studio tour and fangirling out… A lot.





After meeting Rachel at Waterloo, we tubed away to complete our mission: find The Mae Deli, Ella Woodward’s (Deliciously Ella) healthy restaurant. I have been wanting to go for what feels like too long and I was so delighted we incorporated this into our day. Too hungry to get a decent picture of my food, I almost immediately dug into my Mae Bowl- spiced peanut sweet potatoes; roasted potatoes with sun dried tomatoes and green beans; Asian style broccoli and bok choi; crunchy asparagus, baby carrot and hazelnut salad. It was as yummy as I knew it would be, the restaurant itself is gorgeous and the staff are super friendly. I also picked up one of Ella Woodward’s new energy balls which I was so super excited about and I munched on it after the gym today- so delicious!



We headed to Oxford Street to do some shopping- Brandy Melville needs to stop being so perfect because I couldn’t stop picking up stuff and wanting to buy it all. We then wandered through London and ended up at some lovely gardens and we sat there with a drink and strawberries, soaking up the sunshine (I was deliriously happy to wake up on a day off to the best weather!).



And then to Harry Potter dreamland! We were both getting so sleepy by the time it came to our slot – half six – which we were pretty upset about. We also had to whizz round far quicker than we’d have liked (because of train times back!) and so we will definitely head back in a year or so! All the same, we adored our tour around. It was just so fascinating to see the sets, props, costumes etc. It was so silly-ily (that’s a word!) exciting to realise where a prop or costume belonged in the films and to point it out with all of the fangirl enthusiasm in me. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the tour is an absolute must for you.

Best friend is now off to Madrid for a year to study and so it was oh-so-magical to spend a whole day with her in London! And now to be sad for a year while she spends a year in such an Instagram-worthy place, eating tapas and being without me!

~ Kat ~


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