What I Eat on Work Days

On a lot of Wednesdays and Saturdays this summer I go from one job at a shop in the morning to working at a pub in the evening. On days like this I will often want to shove in some kind of exercise and on top of this eat in the quickest (and healthiest) way possible. Since I was starting pretty late in the shop today (12:30) I wasn’t feeling too rushed but happily whipped up a couple of super easy pieces of food that were full of healthiness.



Yesterday morning after going to the gym I was H-A-N-G-R-Y (normally I eat beforehand). So I grabbed two rice cakes and sliced some avocado onto them; added a pinch of salt and pepper; chucked a bunch of tomatoes on. Y-U-M-M-Y. You could be having the most simple and rubbish meal but avocado multiplies the “look how lah-de-dah I’m trying to be” by about 1000. I was wanting a smoothie as soon as I woke up and so, ten minutes later, I whipped up a smoothie made of a bunch of leftover fruits that were nearly at the end of their lives: a banana; two kiwis; a handful of spinach; a handful of frozen raspberries; filled the smoothie cup half with coconut almond milk and the rest with water. It sounded a bit random to me but actually tasted super yummy.



Then for lunch I made my spicy sweet potato mash (recipe here!) which may sound weird as a main but I cannot stop eating it.Sweet potato is so so good for you and I love it in every form but I am particularly in love with sweet potato mash right now. I then headed out to the beach before work (not really a busy work day, is it?!) and munched on some fresh raspberries- my favourite fruit at the moment.


For dinner I needed a quick meal for the manic between job 1 and job 2 and so Aaron cooked up lamb spaghetti Bolognese full of veg (I added cheese on top too). I drunk a lot of water and organic white tea (so yum and so good for your body) yesterday and so I felt incredibly hydrated- which hasn’t been the case recently because I have felt so full of cold.

Healthy and quick food like this makes busy days run so much nicer!

~ Kat ~


5 thoughts on “What I Eat on Work Days

  1. Mack says:

    YUMMMY. I just had breakfast but I think I will go make lunch now. I use to have rice cakes all the time, but I think I forgot about them? Time to restock!!! That looks super tasty. Hubby and I love doing avocado toast with hardboiled egg whites, salt, pepper, and tobasco too!


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