End of Summer Tropical Burst

The first few days of September used to mean the countdown to when I’d finally be able to whack my new pencil case out at school (it still means that!) with the conflict of not wanting my summer to end. Now I countdown pears being in season, with a tear in  my eye that strawberries will no longer be as fresh and cheap in the UK. It’s a hard life. And so, to celebrate summer for just a bit longer, I made a tropical and holiday-tasting smoothie to brighten up the UK for just a little bit longer.


Ingredients | For one summer lover

  • 1 banana
  • 140g raspberries
  • 100g pineapple
  • 1 nectarine
  • 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 230ml coconut almond milk
  • 100ml water


  1. Roughly break the banana into a four or five pieces and pop it into your blender. Add your raspberries and cut the pineapple into small squares- add in. Cut as much edible nectarine off of the fruit and add that in too. Measure the oil, milk and water into the blender
  2. Blend and enjoy!

I’ve been reading up a lot about coconut oil and all of its awesome benefits and realised that lots of people add it to their smoothies for extra nutrition. It is a superfood (something I hadn’t realised before yesterday!) and therefore oozes goodness! Not only that but if you’re using one that does taste coconut-y (they do vary in coconut-y-ness), it can make a grey and drizzly morning like the one I had this morning feel a little bit more exotic.

~ Kat ~


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