50 Ticks Ft. Daughter | Isle of Wight

For my mum’s 50th Birthday I made her a book full of 50 things to do in the next year. It involves challenges like learning how to skip, running the Great South Run and taking up a sewing project. My mum has an awesome blog which explains it more: 50 Ticks. We have already completed the challenge that involved my mum making up a picnic and us eating it on a perfect summer’s day! On Sunday my mum and I completed challenge 23: day trip with your daughter this summer. My mum decided on a day to the Isle of Wight and so to the Isle of Wight is where we went!






After a short (and cheap- thank you Tesco vouchers!) trip across the ferry and a bumpy train trip, mum and I ended up in Shanklin. Despite the sky being covered in grey skies, we were smiling sunshine and it definitely wasn’t cold! After my mum liked the look of Shanklin Chine in an Isle of Wight magazine, we pondered down the promenade, getting just a bit excited about the lovely-looking bars, restaurants and cafes before ending up at the place centred with winding pathways surrounded by trees, waterfalls and lovely little animals I became best friends with. We weren’t really sure what we were heading into as we bought our tickets for Shanklin Chine but we had a super lovely time.





After taking silly photos and having the loveliest walk around, mum and I had a chill on the beach with our chicken sandwiches. Still a bit peckish we headed towards our main, happily unhealthy goal of the day: find a cream tea. After analysing all of the beautiful places to have our afternoon treat, we went to the Waterfront Bar. With a super talented musician singing away our afternoon we had a delicious Sunday relaxing hour or so.



We ended our lovely trip by taking a super long walk down to Sandown. The pathway was dotted with lovely little beach houses (cementing my goal to one day own one!) and dogs to make us go “AW!” It’s safe to say we were impressed to have walked so far and being keen walkers (particularly my mum) we felt like it rounded up a great day rather triumphantly. Isle of Wight made for a very good friend on Sunday and I am most certainly wanting to return soon!

I’m looking forward to other adventures with my mum- some in this book I made her and some not. My favourite days will always be those where I get to see my mum, although I expect hers involving me are her least favourite! (Joking… I hope!)

~ Kat ~


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