I Want to Ride my (Tandem) Bicycle

On Tuesday Aaron organised a surprise trip to New Forest which involved hiring a tandem bike so we could cycle (what ended up as) 24 miles around New Forest, by default getting lost and eating bits and bobs from our picnic. We battled hills, an invasion of ponies (kind of not as cute as it sounds but we did ❤ them) and ended the day with incredibly sore legs but it was definitely one of my favourite days ever.







As you can see from the first picture, I am now looking down the metaphorical road to Tokyo 2020… I may have fallen in love with cycling just a little bit. Of course it was super silly being on a tandem bike (my favourite part of the day was seeing other tandem-ers and it being generally accepted that we must excitedly say “hello” to each other) but the whole day was super challenging. We cycled on a lot of road, gravel-y surfaces and may I repeat, hills that weren’t just hills, they were HILLS.

It’s been on my bucket list for a while now to take part in a triathlon in the next few years. I’ve always loved cycling but I don’t cycle all the often and I am currently, of course, no where near ready. However our trip to New Forest has just made me more excited to find a triathlon that suits me and start training. I will now definitely be going on more exciting bike adventures in comparison to my cycle rides to somebody’s house.

Considering New Forest is so close it surprises me that I don’t visit it more often- it’s all so picturesque that it of course sparks my eager “let’s try and be a photographer” eyes. It was a lovely day for cycling past horses, deer and lots of green trees. We ended the day in a lot of satisfying pain and knowing that we need to do outdoorsy things more often… And we most certainly learnt that we need to work on our navigation skills, we realised, after getting lost for an hour and a half… Oops.

~ Kat ~


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