I have always wanted to take part in my local park run but since it takes place on a Saturday at 9am and I have work, I just never have been able to. On Saturday, however, I took a day off to celebrate a friend’s birthday and I got super duper excited that this also meant I could take part in Lee-on-the-Solent’s 5k run. It was pretty much a giant party (might not sound like one) because my mum joined me, as well as Aaron!


My morning went like this:

06:00: glass of water

06:45: porridge with berries and a new glass of water

07:15: smoothie made up of a banana, raspberries, almond milk and water

08:00: banana and a new glass of water

I’m so hungry in the mornings and if I don’t have a hearty breakfast I’ll spend the morning daydreaming about food- not that productive. And I’m even more aware of my morning hanger when I am exercising in the earlier hours as part of an “event.” If I don’t eat enough I’ll get a bit anxious about it, feel more hungry and I don’t run nearly as well… Hence the three course breakfast I had on Saturday!



As I assumed it would be, it was all very laid back and lovely- although very cold. It was, of course, very different from events I have taken part in because it isn’t quite the same but it was all very supportive. It was a straightforward route and I managed it in 24:29. I am hoping to do it again at the weekend (if I can!) to cut a minute off or so because I got caught up in people traffic at the start. All the same I was pretty delighted and I am hoping to take part in a park run in Cardiff once I’m back at university!

~ Kat ~


2 thoughts on “Park(run)life

  1. Mack says:

    Kat, it looked like you had so much fun!! I always love a good saturday morning run. It feels good to have done something before the rest of the world wakes up (at least that’s how it feels!) Great time too!!! Killed it!

    Liked by 1 person

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