50 Ticks Ft. Daughter | Brighton

One present I gave to my mum for her 50th Birthday this year was a book of 50 things to do this year. A few of the challenges involve me (it’s a book full of lots of fun- I didn’t want to be left out!) and not only has mum ticked off the challenge to go down to the beach with me and a picnic on a perfect summer’s day and a day trip this summer with me, we have now also completed the challenge of a summer trip to Brighton. It was the loveliest day- one of the best! Check out her blog to see everything else she has completed and what else is in her book!




When a day starts with cake, you know it’s going to be a special day. We ate one of my favourite foods on the train – my mum’s banana and chocolate chip cupcakes – and then stopped off for a tea and half a cake each (chocolate, strawberry and meringue crumble!). YUM. We then walked through pop up food stalls (at this point wondering if we were going to be able to resist any food… spoilers: we did… sort of) to get to North Laine for a brief visit to some of the lovely and unique little shops.


But we had an appointment at the British Airways i360, the 162m tall building with a cable car that takes 200 people on board as it travels upwards so you can see an awesome view of Sussex. Despite the fact my mum doesn’t love heights this is exactly her kind of thing and I am so glad she suggested it. Viewing Sussex and all of its beauty from so high up was amazing. Mum and I loved looking at the people below and seeing how small they looked. We had the best September weather yesterday; gorgeously warm, blue and summery and this made the tower even more awesome.


We then headed down the promenade that runs through the beach, surrounded by bars, restaurants, ice cream stops and little shops. After pottering along and trying to decide where to eat, we agreed on The Buccaneer where I had a salmon and cream cheese salad and mum had yummy fish and chips. We loved that we were able to sit outside, soak up the sun and sip on our Pimm’s… Ah, I forgot to mention that. The Pimm’s was ace.





We strolled in the sun a little bit more, visited the pier and then headed back to the North Laine so we could spend some more time there. Another one of mum’s challenges was to, while in Brighton, have pictures with me in a photo booth. We got these done which was super fun before getting an ice cream and pondering along to the main shops to do a bit of shopping.

It was a happily unhealthy day (something, for me, that makes a balanced lifestyle even if this tipped very much so towards the cake and ice cream side!) with my favourite person, the best weather and what will always be one of the best places I have ever visited!

~ Kat ~

50 Ticks Ft. Daughter | Isle of Wight


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