McFly Anthology Tour | Night One London

I was eight when I fell in love with four dudes and played their first album, Room on the Third Floor, on repeat, convinced one would marry me one day (there’s still hope…?). So when McFly announced their first tour in tour in three years I fangirled. Hard. Anthology was to have three nights to each destination- each night playing a different album or different two albums out of their five albums. I adored the idea but could never pick between my five favourite albums in the world. So, at 9am one day, my fingers were ready to book any tickets from the London nights. All the nights I could go to were sold out instantly and I spent my day feeling like the ten year old Kat who realised she really might not marry Tom, Danny, Harry or Dougie.


Dreaming about how amazing McFly were the night before in my new merchandise!

Until a couple of months later Aaron the Saver of Kat surprised me with tickets to night one of London: Room on the Third Floor night. A night that was sure to be a replay of eight year old Kat dancing about to her favourite songs… Just with a few others too. The best part of getting these tickets was preparing Aaron for his night with McFly. Challenge: for him to learn all of the words. So not only has Room on the Third Floor been one of the five soundtracks of my life but it has been Aaron’s soundtrack for the last month and a bit. Suited and booted with lyrics pouring out of his system, an excitement for his favourite songs and fear of “how to dance” when they come out on stage, this Monday (26th September), Aaron drove us to London from Cardiff (where I go to university).

Without, of course, the hiccup of being on the way to Birmingham for a little bit. Oops. Kat-Nav wasn’t on point at the start of the journey.After parking up and literally running with excitement to the venue, we got our spot in O2 Forum and Aaron psyched himself up for putting his learned lyrics into his performance.

And soon enough I put all my Zumba knowledge to show in my dancing along to my favourite band ever. It was so amazing to see an album genuinely performed live- from start to finish; some songs being ones I have never seen live. They continued to play a few extra songs which made me all the more “fangirly.” It will for ever be one of my favourite nights; McFly putting on the most awesome show, as per usual. Aaron and I were both constantly laughing at their silliness and it was amusing for Aaron to see them change up some of the songs in the ways I told him they would (I’d call myself lame but I call it true love). It felt right to finally be back in a venue full of people screaming “McFly’s here for everrrr!” as they performed The Heart Never Lies. As we walked out of the venue, Aaron summed it all up:

“Doesn’t it make you feel gutted when you see how talented they are?”

~ Kat ~

P.S. Thank you Aaron ❤


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