Leg Day | Cardiff Half Marathon

HILLS is what springs to mind immediately when I think back to Sunday morning. Lots of them. But we’ll talk about that later.

But oh my, the hills.



Since I go to Cardiff University and it’s my third and final year, I knew I had to do the Cardiff Half Marathon that took place last Sunday. And it’s hands down one of my favourite experiences and one of my biggest achievements to date. I have never adored Wales as much and seeing so many beautiful places alongside lots of jolly runners (LOTS of runners!), was awesome.

It was amazing to run past Cardiff Bay (one of my absolute favourite day/evening trips), Penarth as well as Roath Park, the prettiest lake and park ever. The route was paired with so many supporters which made every step better. The sky was completely blue and there was no wind. It felt warm to run in but I wasn’t uncomfortable and all in all it was the loveliest, most harmonious and pleasing Sunday run. And then my rose-tinted glasses prick my memory and here comes the complaining about the hills.

I, of course, naively didn’t check out the route before the run. I heard someone say “There’s a hill at mile ten that’s a killer and that’s about it.” Lies. LIES. There were hills EVERYWHERE. And after each one I congratulated myself- you’ve taken on what must be the worst hill of the course, Kat. You can take anything now. LIES. When it came to the very last hill at about the 13th mile before the final part, I found energy I don’t have for 9am lectures when I have to walk up the very same hill, and got the job done.

I managed it in 02:03:25. Despite wanting sub two hours, I can’t make any excuses about it being because of the hills (it was 100% the hills’ fault) since I still got a personal best and I tried pretty hard. I’m hoping to take part in a half marathon next month and I am determined to get my sub two hours. The last three miles were a killer for me but the first ten felt awesome (which is great news for the Great South run in a couple of weeks). The Cardiff Half Marathon 2016 had the best weather, the most beautiful route I have ever run along with lots of music dotted around the route and the most awesome atmosphere. And last but definitely not least, the BEST goodybag I have ever received after a race. It sorted my after run shakes out perfectly.

My legs have just about recovered from those hills so time to get sorted for the Great South!

~ Kat ~


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