Running: Just Do It

I don’t actually think running suits everybody and I am aware of some of the dangers with running but, for me and my body, the pros outweighs the cons. On top of that, it’s doing all you can to ease or eradicate any negative affects it may have on your body. Running, I believe, can be one of the most positive influences in any one person’s life and for this reason, I will always be someone who encourages taking up running.


There are three main reasons I find running awesome and why I think it is a positive choice for lots of people:

  1. Everyone can do it
  2. Treat your body well, it’ll treat you well back
  3. It’s awesome mentally

Running isn’t for any one type of person- it isn’t “hard”, necessarily. It’s so true that anybody could pick it up. Whether you run as slowly as you like for fifteen minutes or you try and get your ten mile personal best. Like everything, you just build yourself up. Do it with your friend to make it social or do it by yourself to make it a personal challenge. It can also be so helpful to take part in events or the local park run or join a running club. All of these organised events/groups aren’t for the crazily fit, nearly Olympic-worthy people. It really is true that they’re for all kinds of fitness levels and you’re so likely to meet the loveliest of people! Start small and keep improving- baby steps or big steps. Your body and fitness will only change as you keep changing your exercising- never keep doing the same thing/distance/speed for too long!

You can’t just run. It is vital you’re strength training alongside running as well as taking up exercise that is far friendlier to your joints and bones and whatnot. And this is crucial in treating your body well. It definitely wasn’t something I knew when I began running in my spare time years ago, and I definitely didn’t know it when I got more serious a few years ago. So it’s something I’d tell anyone else who might be wondering if running is for them. Training my legs is crucial for me- of course they are what carry you and need to be strong enough to deal with your training. So, of naturally, leg day is exciting and entirely crucial for me at the gym. Although I always walked super far (and still love a good walk) and cycled too, I now like to swim when I can as it’s super awesome for your body – in so many ways – and is the perfect partner for your running. I am hoping to find somewhere to swim in Cardiff and plan on taking up a lot more walking too! Your body will cope better with running as well as your fitness levels rocketing alongside it.

Mentally, running can be a miracle-worker- many studies have proven it and I feel it any time I am super stressed and my spirits are immediately lifted when I’m sad and am running/have been running. I have no facts and figures to type out and I am no medical expert (I actually quit watching Holby City because it was too intense for me) but running is so good for your mind. Running in the drizzle, breaking a (lot of) sweat on a hot day or running in crisp air is my me-time that will always make any scary responsibilities, anxieties or sadness fly away. Running in the most beautiful places (like Bute Park in Cardiff- pictured above) makes running relaxing even when you’re red in the face and only ten minutes before you were frowning endlessly about that work that needs to be done. Oh, and you might just get a cracking Instagram out of the places you’ve taken pictures of!

~ Kat ~


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