A Letter to my Mum | Great South Tips

For my mum’s 50th Birthday I made her a book of 50 challenges for her to complete. One challenge is to sign up and take part in the Great South Run 2016. I set her the challenge because I know she can do it- whether she walks a little, a lot or not at all, I’ll be super proud. Despite the fact she’s been running awesome distances recently and I know she is more than capable and has no need to worry, my mum has expressed a few worries about the day. It’s made me feel a teeny weeny bit bad about coercing her into signing up and so here is a little letter of advice to her- a tip for every mile she will complete. Good luck mumma!


This year we will both be in our Great South gear!

1. As I’ve told you a million times and I know you know, but I’ll tell you again: you’re allowed to walk! I walked for a little bit last year! So many people choose to walk parts of it- or even all of it! If your body really is telling you to stop, stop. If it’s every now and then feeling like you should stop, wait it out for a minute, slow down, take big breaths and if it’s still hating you, walk it out. Walk for a mile or a minute- do whatever makes you feel better.

2. You’re 50 years young and by the end of 23rd October you’ll be able to say, “I’m 50 and have run the Great South Run.” Pretty cool. So remember that when you’re six miles round and only inspired to finish the race because you’re excited to tell me off for making you do it!

3. At the beginning there is people traffic for a while so try not to tense up and worry as you fall into your pace. Take it super easy and slowly!

4. I’ve said I regret not doing so last year in a post before so make sure you take in the atmosphere. Great South’s atmosphere is incredible so use it to help you feel like you’re Mo Farah!

5. Since the Great South last year I have learnt how relaxing it is to take in the sights as you run. I was probably too caught up in any nerves last year to treat the run as a sightseeing experience- which is what it definitely should be. As soon as you start enjoying all of the awesome parts of Portsmouth you’re passing, the sooner you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable. So zen.

6. I’ve said this in a post before but keep your mouth, throat and lips hydrated. Lick your lips and take water and SIP it (don’t gulp loads down- even if you feel like you need to!) or you’ll feel super uncomfortable during the run!

7. Everyone around you is going to have parts where they’re doubting themselves and they’ll have other parts where they feel awesome. So when you feel sucky remember that is passes and when you feel awesome, enjoy it and keep your mind super super focussed on the fact that the race will end. And you will complete it!

8. Don’t take the jelly babies! Or if you do, be smart! Towards the end when I was attracted towards the jelly babies being handed out to help your energy levels, I naively took two and gulped them down. Now I take the far smaller treats offered (if offered) or grab the jelly baby and take off just its head, wait a while and see if I need any more! Hydrate yourself after in case your mouth dries up. Maybe take your own little sweets along with you.

9. Even on the day you’re going to feel under prepared and yet you’re really, really not. You’re completely ready and you’ve said yourself once you’ve finished your long runs that you feel like you could run more. YOU CAN DO IT.

10. Believe it or not in 24 hours you’re going to wish you can go back to the start line and do it all again so ignore any nerves that will be in your belly and laugh along with the warm up and take in the awesome atmosphere!

Make sure you google to find out lots of advice, get prepared, eat awesome foods before, hydrate up and insure your running clothes will keep you warm before the race and cool during it (chuck layers to someone before)! 2 weeks to go!

~ Kat ~


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