Sit Up and Burn | Great South Run Training

This year I want to take the Great South Run even more seriously than I did last year. Half because I want to enjoy the day more than I did last year (despite loving it, I did feel a bit rubbish for four miles of the race) and half because I’m really wanting to smash last year’s time for me, but more importantly for Lewis, my friend who is recovering from a brain haemorrhage he had earlier this year. I am raising money for the awesome charity that is St. George’s Hospital Charity.


Even though for the last two/three years I have incorporated sit ups and the plank into my working out, the Great South Run last year was a lesson: core strength is vital. I always knew this and was aware I should work harder in this respect but it was so obvious last year that one part of me that messed up my wanting to completely enjoy the race, was the ache in my stomach throughout part of the race. It didn’t hurt and wasn’t a stitch: my stomach was just weaker than I wanted and far weaker than what I needed for the time I was hoping for.

Four or five times a week I have been having “F-AB-ulous Sessions” where I attack my abs more than I ever have and I definitely feel it the next day. I just do a lot of ab floor workouts from the comfort of my own bedroom. Sometimes there are tears, there is always sweat but it always feels brilliant to hurt the next day. And I really can’t wait to see the difference in my running- and hopefully I’ll see a big difference in my speed!

F-AB-ulous Mornings:

  1.  20 x Spiderman plank
  2.  10 x elbows to hand plank
  3.  10 x 3 knee dip and twist (in hand plank position, dip knees to just above the floor, lift back up, do the same with a twist to the left/right side, and then to the other side- repeat 12 times!)
  4. 1 minute elbow plank
  5. 12 x sit ups
  6. 8 x leg raises
  7. (Do 2-6 three times!)

~ Kat ~

My Week | Great South Run Training


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