The 114 Day Little Black Dress Challenge

I don’t need to explain to anyone that way too many of us feel pressure about our weight and how we look because of society, the media and the general “consensus” of how we “should” and “should” not look. Boys, girls, men and women. Between the ages of 14-17 I hated how I looked. Cardigans to cover my arms. T-shirts- never vests. Jeans and a top for an evening out with my friends instead of getting dressed up in case I looked “chubby.” Despite the fact I wanted to dress up. Now, with a healthier attitude towards food and – more importantly – how I should feel about my body (our bodies help us every single day so why do we give it such a hard time?!), I dress and feel how I want to feel about my arms and whatnot because I wasn’t raised to hate how I look; I learnt that from distorted information presented all around me. I am confident about how I look now- like we all should be. But I do have one goal I still need to achieve. *Queue a piano, a spotlight and an audience to hear my saaanng my song.*


Pretty irrelevant picture of me and my black dress

Aim: To buy my dream little black dress for my 21st birthday and have 17 year old me be super proud of me when I wear it!

I don’t weigh myself. Scales shmales. Or at least I don’t go out of my way to do so. I probably weigh myself every 3-4 months out of curiosity because it hasn’t crossed my mind for 3-4 months. I go by how I feel in my clothes and how I feel in general. I go by how I look in photographs and how I can compare myself happily in new photographs to old photographs (or less “happily” and I’ll work from there). And I work out what I want to maintain in my lifestyle and what I need to change to reach any goals/maintain how I feel.

I have never felt as motivated about food and fitness as I feel right now and I want to use this to reach a goal. I work on my arms constantly and I know they have changed and toned up but I still have 17 year old me whispering I should wear a cardigan just in case. Which I don’t do anymore but I do wear a blazer over my current black dress for a little bit before I dare to take it off.

So this is how it’s going to go. While I stick to eating in my own balanced way and exercising like I do (this is the way I will reach my goal), I will:

  • Take a picture of myself every single day (for 114 days!) in the little black dress I do own (to physically see how you change is supposed to be one of the best tools)
  • Wear the black dress I do own by Christmas- more confidently than ever
  • Every day write down what I eat and how much water I drink as well as the exercise I do
  • Buy my dream little black dress for my 21st birthday
  • Wear my dream little black dress on my birthday and blog about it

By the 9th February 2017 I want to wear a little black dress to celebrate turning 21 and fling my arms all about the place. Of course I won’t then give up on 10th February; I just want to treat the 9th as a day where not only do I get to celebrate being 21 but celebrate adding a bit more body confidence to my life! (I might just make my own motivational fitness DVD while I’m being so inspirational.) I was going to wait to start this challenge when it was a bit more of a nicer number like 100 days, but my goal of wearing a little black dress shouldn’t wait any longer.

Tomorrow starts my new little black dress life. FIST PUMPS ALL ROUND.

~ Kat ~


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