What I Eat | Event Morning

Two weeks ago I ran the Cardiff Half Marathon and since I documented what I ate the day before my last running event, I thought I’d document what I ate on the morning of this event (even if I am posting it super duper late!). Everyone is different when it comes to food, and eating patterns are so individual when it comes to running too. I personally have to eat A LOT in the morning as it is, and this, for sure, applies even more so on event days. A lot of people find how much I eat horrifying- as in, people genuinely gasp and look a little upset. But each to their own. Or that’s what I try to convince myself anyway!


After waking up to a big glass of water, I made myself porridge with almond milk, Greek yogurt, raspberries and honey. I don’t love porridge but really wish I did. Its benefits are obviously glorious and I believe they are very useful for runners. I won’t eat it without a giant sprinkling of my favourite foods on top, though (essentially I’m that kid that has to have ketchup with their carrots so that they eat them).



As I got ready, as well as sipping on lots of water and a mango tea, I drunk my favourite smoothie – The 9AM Lecture Smoothie – and ate a banana too. A smoothie full of lots of different fruit always makes me feel full, healthy and ready to burn some energy and, of course, a banana is one of the greatest things for before a run. These kind of snacks make me feel mentally prepared and able to run a race.


As I was walking to the event I needed something to munch on so that I knew for sure during the race that I’m wasn’t actually hungry (I often crave food, I think, because I’m worried I’ll get so hungry and have no energy to run on). I munched on half a big tub of mango which also helped any nerves that might have been lurking because I was heading down to the start line by myself which doesn’t often happen.

This is the kind of structure of my event mornings in terms of food. A lot of people wouldn’t even eat a quarter of this but it’s 100% what my body needs to feel confident, ready and genuinely able during any run.

~ Kat ~


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