Kat Vs. Injury

On Saturday, in front of about 100 runners at my home’s ParkRun, I ran into a railing, flung back and a lot of my weight was piled onto my right hand as I fell down. The result? A lot, a lot of pain but luckily, only soft tissue damage. I did get to have an X-Ray which I was secretly thrilled about (it was no secret). Although now with a great story to tell, I have been limited exercise-wise and food-wise and it seemed right to moan about how limiting a poorly hand is and how I’m trying to get around it… Next time I’ll just try and get around the railing!


List of tasks I can’t do right now of which I definitely took for granted pre-injury:

  • Cut a potato
  • Tie up my hair
  • Squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube

List of things I am struggling to do without a moan and a groan:

  • Write
  • Brush my teeth
  • Poke my right hand

Press ups, I knew right away were off of the cards. The thought alone sends a spark of anger through my hand. Similar exercises are, of course, a no-no too. Arm day? As of now, still not possible. Skipping exercise until it’s repaired? No, gurl, no.

I, of course, do not have the worst injury in the world and so I don’t need to wait for it to heal to be active like some people may. I’ve been walking lots and did leg day at the gym today- whilst feeling so happy to be back after being at home for reading week. I avoided the exercise that would put strain on my hands and set myself a new challenge of running a mile on the treadmill as fast as possible. I find running inside on a treadmill far harder because of the heat and so I plan on improving my speed every week. It was a challenge I needed this week. I plan to run, walk, get my leg days in and train my abs until I can start doing exercises that no longer throw me back to the moment where I should have see the dang railing. 

I’ve been following the nurse’s orders in terms of resting and moving my hand, but there are some parts of life I have to take a sharp intake of breath through gritted teeth before getting on with it. Cutting potatoes and vegetables, opening chopped tomatoes and packets of rice has not been a barrel of laughs but this injury has made me want to eat even more on the more “nutritious” side of things. My hand is not too strenuous when chopping and there are ways to make it less painful. I have been chucking a lot of spinach in- no cutting required. I’ve been using soft fruit like tomatoes because they’re easier to cut. I’ve had smoothies full of goodness to get my fruit and veg in easily, made in just a couple of easy minutes. I’ve not been adding extra bits that would make my life a little more ticky right now, e.g. chilli.

Of course this hasn’t been an entirely limiting injury. It’s barely limiting at all. But staying active is my favourite hobby and not doing press ups, the plank and training my arms has been a little frustrating. But what good has come from it? I’ve learnt to hold on tight – not literally… that would be a massive OUCH from me right now – and to calm down. No obsessing. I’m just getting on with this injury and training as best as I can. What else has come from it? Well, I am now what-I-call ParkRun famous. (I’m not.) I revelled in being spoken about on the ParkRun’s Facebook page (to warn others not to be quite so stupid), and was more than delighted to hear a friend say, “Oh, so you were the runner I heard bounced off of something!”

That’s me, everyone. The girl who runs into the object the ParkRun organisers warn of every week. *Claps super duper slowly.*

~ Kat ~


6 thoughts on “Kat Vs. Injury

  1. Mack says:

    Oh girlll! Feel better. Injuries are never fun! But, like with the vegetables, isn’t it interesting how it makes you just wish for simple things to be easy?! I know this from injuries, helped me be grateful for the tiny tiny things of each day ! Get better soon, chica!

    Liked by 1 person

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