How to be a Morning Person

Despite what my mum says, I have always been a morning person. I, at the very least, enjoy mornings. I do like and sometimes look forward to a sleep in but sleeping away most of the morning makes me feel miserable when I do wake up. I become super upset that I may have wasted such a precious part of the productive day. And feeling unmotivated and mad at myself during the first half of the day isn’t the best way to kick off another Day in the Life of Kat.


The three things I, like most of the world, believe are crucial in achieving The Morning Person status are eating well, a good level of exercise and (*drum roll please*) a decent and healthy amount of sleep. There are a plethora of articles you can read to find out about the genuine facts regarding The Right Amount of Sleep but for me, that’s eight hours. That might sound luxurious to you- greedy, even! To many I know that sounds like I’ve had a terrible night’s sleep. Secretly I adore nine but, I know, deep down, eight is my security. And a secret I have learnt is that a lot more sleep than that is never as glorious as I romanticise it in my head the night before- it leaves me feeling sluggish, unmotivated and really, super sleepy.

The things that make me happier (most of the time) when my phone shouts at me in the morning are these…

NUMBER ONE: HUMILITY – Getting up earlier than you’re telling yourself you want is not the worst thing to have happened in this world. I must practise grabbing a glass of Humble a lot more often and remembering I’m lucky and really can’t complain so – in the spirit of a primary school assembly – I must make today count, do as much good as possible and remember I have it better off than most. Each of my days are pretty great compared to a lot of people’s so I try to avoid saying, “I’m SO tired” every thirty minutes!

NUMBER TWO: MORNING TREATS – Wake up to your favourite things; not your alarm. (But, I mean, do set your alarm.) My list of happy things that make my eyes peel open with a smile include:

  • listening to a McFly song
  • reading a chapter of a book
  • planning exciting future things
  • having a cup of tea
  • a morning trip to somewhere with a pal

NUMBER THREE: A WHOLE NEW DAY – The day is ready and I get another chance at anything I want. A long with having as much of a hoot as possible, a new day means working harder at university, eating super fulfilling foods and stepping up my exercise game. I might have gone to bed stressed but I wake up forgetting about that thousands of pounds I’m racking up while at university and ready to stop feeling sorry for myself- ready to crack out a few words I think are kind of smart. Ready to cook yummy foods and ready to run further and faster!

NUMBER FOUR: NO WAKING UP TO CHORES – In order to feel more of a positive, mindful and excited person I need to not wake up hating Past Kat. I’m not great at this but getting stupid little things out of the way the day and night before makes for a more excitable puppy-like Kat at 06:30. What a completed Before the Alarm List looks like:

  • washing up
  • clothes ready for the morning
  • bag packed ready for the morning
  • tidying
  • food prep/food made

NUMBER FIVE: EARLY WORKOUTS Yup, I thought I’d leave that one until last. I don’t have a fixed routine of always going to the gym or running in the morning – although I will when my life doesn’t involve inconsistent university hours – but, I promise you, there is no smugger, prouder and straight up rewarding thing than getting a workout under your belt before 6am/7am/8am/9am. For me, at the moment, when I decide the night before that it’s going to happen – *give me a standing ovation already* – it’s going to happen. By default it makes you a morning person. I feel productive early and ready to take on anything the day throws at me- except getting back up from sitting down after leg day. You might just realise that your alarm going off super early to remind you that you said you’d get up for your good pal Gym really does make you feel pumped… And maybe… kind of in love with mornings…? And to top it all off, exercising well is proven to up your quality of sleep, meaning your body can deal with less!

None of this for you? Change your alarm tune to an eighties classic so that waking up feels more like a party- Karma Chameleon is my saviour.

~ Kat ~


2 thoughts on “How to be a Morning Person

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Kat!!!! This is sooooo goood! Especially about “not waking up hating past Kat” lol. I so related to that! Once I started making sure that the house was clean, dishes were done, & everything felt in order I slept better and it was easier to get rolling in the morning. Crazy how that works! It’s such a mind game. Also – I have a special shout out for you on the blog. Not sure if you saw it 🙂 xoxoo Have such a great rest of your weekend!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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