A Merry Balanced Christmas

With three different types of chocolate tins sat under the tree, party snacks in the cupboard and fizzy drinks in the fridge, it’s easy to succumb to cravings and then believe it puts us on Santa’s naughty list. Ultimately, it depends what type of Christmas we each want. I, personally, want a balanced one. And for me that includes roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and a Lindt chocolate melting on my tongue. But it also includes eating as many fruit and vegetables per day and eating healthy a fulfilling foods as well as keeping up HIIT training, running and swimming. I refuse to feel (my version of) limited on Christmas Day, and worse than that, guilty. Here are my happy rules I plan on sticking to in order to have a happy and balanced Christmas.


When I see the pringles


I am saying ho oh no to Pringles and chocolate tins, I think… forever *Gasps*… Kind of. I love Pringles. But they’re the one thing that proves you can love something too much. I will happily eat the whole tube and that personally is something that, after the initial glee, makes me feel a bit rubbish. Bye bye Texas BBQ Pringles. *Tear rolls slowly down cheek.* I’ll be less strict with the chocolate tins, but I started this rule last year. I don’t really enjoy eating 6 toffee pennies and 4 chocolate triangle chocolates. I sometimes like one or two. So I’ll be keeping a close eye on my hands when the tins are opened- unless we get lucky with getting a Celebrations box- BAGSY MALTESERS.

I have never understood the idea that people “diet”, reach their goals and then revert back to their old lifestyle as if their goal has been achieved and that’s that. However, in terms of Christmas Day, I am going to do this. But in a much healthier way- because it is one day, after all! In the last week and for the next week I am, apart from my Advent calendar chocolate, sticking to only nutritious and fulfilling foods. I have been stricter than my normal every day eating because I want to feel completely ready to roll up my Christmas jumper sleeves and tuck in when the clock strikes 2 o’clock.


Quite simply I don’t want a Christmas that entails alcohol. I am working too much alongside having a lot of revision to do and a lot of exercise goals I want to reach. However when I will choose to drink, the main rule is this: STAY AWAY FROM THE WINE, KAT. *Whispers soothingly to self.* Choose gin with slimline. A glass or two of Bucks Fizz on Christmas Day and then a gin and tonic here and there. Hurrah!


Since working quite a lot of hours and having a lot of revision to do, the one thing that is a complete stress relief is exercise. And so far I have chosen exercise over sleep ins and have and will continue to feel great for it. With no gym at home to go to, running has been my best friend. On top of that I plan on swimming a couple of days each week and I’ve been walking to and from work too. All of these do such wonderful things to our bodies that I’ll easily have a balanced Christmas and have no problem with indulging in the annual Christmas fry up on the morning of the 25th.


So I’ll be upping the cardio, making as much as possible from scratch, and with the help of coconut oil, be making everything as healthy as possible. And on Christmas Day I’ll eat whatever I want (apart from those Pringles!). I want to be able to earn money, revise, rest and see friends while feeling healthy and fit and enjoying festivities. I’m looking forward to a hot chocolate with my brother on Christmas Eve and drinking a few calories when I have a few J20s on Christmas Day without feeling guilty at all.

~ Kat ~


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