HIIT Under the Christmas Tree

This morning I knew I had a lot to do but was aware that if I didn’t get my endorphins pumping I wouldn’t feel ready for the day. It was a super foggy and crisp morning and the cold woke me up rather than encourage me to retreat back to my bed and sleep until Christmas morning arrives. Once my porridge had settled I ran a short run followed by a 5/10 minute HIIT session- something I will be doing again and again because I felt it in my muscles and my breath that it was doing me good. It altogether took up about 15 minutes of my time. After doing a HIIT routine from one of Carly Rowena’s videos, I knew I wanted to accompany my current cardio training with a lot more HIIT.


Reindeer can’t do their job without weekly HIIT training (just wanted to spread this photo further across the internet to embarrass Aaron)

  1. A mile run as quickly as possible
  2. 10 x jump squats () (focus on form or the burn won’t be nearly as good!)
  3. 10 x star jumps
  4. 10 x sit ups
  5. 30 second plank
  6. 5 x press ups
  7. Repeat 2-5 4 more times!

Since I didn’t have a lot of time and didn’t want to kill my body completely before a super long day, I think this HIIT routine was perfect. It isn’t too strenuous but it most certainly does something on a morning where exercise needs to be shoved in. It definitely has a strong focus on the parts that are central to running – the core and the legs – with a pinch of upper body too! I’m going to coerce my mum into joining me in the next week and see how she likes it! (You’re welcome mum.)

I do think HIIT is the way forward for those who believe they don’t have enough time to exercise. Whether it is as little as 15 minutes or 30 minutes sweating in the living room, HIIT makes a lot of difference when it comes to fitness. Especially when different routines and exercises are tried out, improved and intensified. A glorious result is that it translates into more traditional cardio and is found that exercise such as running might just become easier!

~ Kat ~


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