The Great Christmas Bake Off

Thankfully my mum and I didn’t overthink the task we were about to take on last night at about seven o’clock. If we did, we simply would have chucked our oven gloves on the side, turned off the Christmas lights and cancelled 25th December. But the baker in us cheered and smiled with glee when half ten came about and we had three yummy-looking (and tasting!) – albeit appearing as “homemade” as they are – Christmassy delights in front of us. For my mum’s 50th I set her 50 challenges to complete and one involved baking mince pies, cookies for Santa and a Yule log (my fave).


Mum and I have always baked together. My brother often got involved too- even if it was just to lick the left over icing off of a wooden spoon. Part of the biscuit process threw me back to making “rock cakes”; using our hands and fingers to rub the butter and flour together. Over time an essential part of our baking sessions involved my mum’s iPod and a playlist of songs to accompany us. Because if we dance, we can have an extra cake, right?

Since I have worked this morning (Christmas Eve) and will be this evening too I definitely needed a few hours of good old-fashioned festive to inject some merriment into me. And, of course, it did! We started with a lot of Christmas songs while we baked the mince pies and we were delighted with how they turned out- the sometimes uneven stars surely being charming and not just a bit naff, yes? Then we baked the cake of the Yule log and my mum did a brilliant job of rolling it up. Then, soon enough, the biscuits were baked in all sorts of different shapes. Everything was going just a bit too well.

Dancing to mum’s “dance” playlist (yup, my mum creates and names her playlist ready for her time in the kitchen) we went rogue with our icing method and it really did look like we let a three year old take control. So after the third biscuit was looking a bit sad, we gave in and decided we liked the biscuits just how they were. Now with the Wicked album being witness to our terrible renditions of Elphaba’s songs, we made chocolate buttercream and grinned like proud three year olds when it really did look like a log.

Merry Christmas everyone!

~ Kat ~


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