Keeping Up with the Resolutions

The first week of January means making goals for 2017. We want to start looking for a new job or spend more time with our family. We want to finally get that project finished and keep our homes tidy throughout the year. At the forefront of a lot of our minds is health and fitness which may be translated as “being thinner” or a plethora of other aesthetic translations. As well as explaining why I try so hard not to see it this way, I thought I’d give some advice as to how we can keep our 2017 New Year’s resolutions up while feeling positive about them!


1. Be fitter, healthier and happier, NOT thinner, more defined and obsessed  

Enjoying exercise and eating well comes when we stop wanting to lose weight for obsessive reasons and instead wanting to better our health, fitness and ourselves as a person. Fitness and healthy foods mean better health and improvements in energy. “Losing weight” doesn’t simply equal to happiness. There’s more to it than that. Put aside aesthetic goals and take them as a bonus as you do good for your body.

2. Record your progress 

Buy a journal or find a space to keep some notes. Every day, week or month, write about the food you ate and the exercise you did. Write how the food and exercise made you feel. Even if you’ve felt negative about the day, week or month, be only positive when you sit down to write it down. See it as a chance to see where you can improve. It’s still progress when you’ve eaten food you’re starting to regret or you didn’t enjoy your 5k run. You can write how you feel and how you want to change your approach.

3. Set realistic goals

Don’t aim to run six miles by the end of the month if the last time you ran was ten years ago. It’ll inspire negativity if you don’t achieve it and you’ll chuck your trainers away before you’ve even started. Likewise, don’t cut out all chocolate (for example)- doing so might mean you binge on crisps and pizza or simply make you feel down and deprived. Cut things down but not out. But also find away to make foods that give you the same satisfaction a Galaxy bar gives you.

4. Don’t make it a chore

Being negative about what you feel you’ve done “wrong” as well as the task in general will only make health resolutions less attractive and less likely to go underway successfully. Eat your favourite healthy foods, make your favourite unhealthy foods in a healthier way and do your favourite workout classes and exercises. Your body doesn’t know you’re eating cake- only you do. It isn’t going to punish you and it’s only one slice that isn’t going to do anything. You are allowed it. As soon as anyone’s mindset is switched over to the positive side of things, we’ll all realise that maybe anything is possible. And it’s possible with a smile on our faces. (Except when you ban yourself from Pringles over Christmas. I did so begrudgingly.)

5. Don’t cling on to end goals

I try not to see any of my fitness goals – or aesthetic if I accidentally make them – as something that can become conclusive. I find it weird people “diet” and revert back to every snack and meal being processed. Health isn’t accomplished for life; it’s ongoing. And that is a fun and fulfilling thing; not something I want to lose. So I don’t want to cut what I can do short. We can feel healthier and healthier and get more and more fit.

Ultimately make goals that will make you happier and healthier rather than bring you down. Yesterday I wrote about my New Year’s Resolutions– what are yours?

~ Kat ~


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