All the Gear, No Idea

For Christmas Aaron bought me a super duper snazzy camera- the Canon EOS 1100D. Despite not knowing a lot about this photography lark (wanting to have an on fleek Instagram doesn’t count, apparently), we took one of our trips to Hamble for the afternoon. It was a perfectly blue day you’d mistake for a summer day if you were stood by the window… by a radiator.


After a little walk around my favourite village to visit, we headed into our favourite pub: The King and Queen. Aaron wanted a little beverage but because there was no room inside we naively sat outside in the freezing, freezing cold. BRRRR. We did, however, take this opportunity as a chance to play with my camera. We then walked around, admiring all of the dogs (“LooK AT THAT DOG KAT!”) and both took some photos. Even though I despise this last photo it reminds me of the fact builders were staring at us thinking we were a bit odd and I didn’t even realise while I posed derp-erly.

I’m currently only sticking to the simple settings. However I aim to keep reading the manual, watch tutorials, play around with it a lot and get a friend to help who is a giant know-it-all with this kind of thing. I know a lot of people who get cameras and know how to take photos similar to the ones above (focus… and snap) and wish they’d find the time to fancy up their skills. So another New Year’s Resolution of mine is to get super arty with this thing. I’m only really arty when it comes to my eyeliner- that’s when the line is literally drawn. I love taking photos and getting a good’n so I hope I can become maybe a smidge impressive with my new pal (a girl can dream!).

Once again Hamble was the perfect place to spend an afternoon and I’m glad I’ve already visited in 2017. I imagine I’ll be back quite a few times before 2018 rolls about. And when I’m back I intend to take the perfect snap of the swans I simply couldn’t focus on.

~ Kat ~


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