The Benefits of being an Idiot

I might just go and lose any new phone I get for the sake of a few extra lessons… Okay, I won’t. So I lost my phone; it was all completely my own fault and I deserve no sympathy. Despite being gutted because I lost a few photos I never backed up (that lesson has been “learnt” a few too many times now- note to self: BACK UP ALREADY) and obviously preferring that I never lost it, I have learnt a few things from leaving my phone behind one fateful night.


  • I have learnt how time with our phones, even if we are alone, will never give us “me time.” Not truly. I’m someone who does enjoy my own company but I guess, most of the time, my phone is never far out of reach. Walking to work and wherever else I am heading without the ability to call someone has been bliss. Although it’s a great time to catch up with my best pals, it’s been so GOOD to just walk and spend some time with myself (and my Fitbit). Especially when I’ve watched the sky go from day time to getting sleepy, to changing colours completely until it’s getting into bed and ready to close its eyes. I wouldn’t have paid full attention to the colours with my phone in my pocket. (The photo was taken with my camera.)
  • I don’t feel obliged to reply to Facebook messages when they pop up on my phone. However when my phone is switched off, upon turning it back on I’ll check my apps out of curiosity and then I find myself feeling like I need to reply to messages when I really don’t (most of the time). Tonight I had Zumba and I’d normally switch my phone on straight away just to check what’s going on when I really, really don’t need to. Not having a phone tonight showed me this and, once again, it felt good. It reminds me people really did cope without mobiles once upon a time.
  • Equally, last night I was out for dinner with Aaron, his sister and her boyfriend and normally I’d probably see my phone out of the corner of my eye and suddenly realise I wanted a selfie/to Snapchat something. With no phone, it didn’t even cross mind. I’d obviously have had a fab time even if I hadn’t lost my phone but the lack of phone buzzing in my pocket or being on my phone for a selfie meant I really soaked up a fabulous evening.

Especially when it comes to special days/moments I wouldn’t let my phone get in the way, but having no phone at all has allowed me to properly soak everything up- walks home, an evening at my favourite exercise class and an evening with some of the best people. I’m definitely going to practice days with less of my phone (which translates as less social media) when I do get a new one. But for now I’m going to go to sleep without even the chance to be interrupted by a phone and wake up without seeing whatever has gone on while I was asleep.

~ Kat ~


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