Exam Week Honest Food Diary

After reading a post by Lily pebbles where she provided her honest food diary for the week, I thought I’d do the same. I am writing down everything I eat anyway but I thought presenting it on the internet would allow me to analyse how I’m eating and what I want to improve or carry on doing. So here is how I ate on weekdays last week where I was revising and sitting exams!


  • Porridge with 5 strawberries
  • Chicken and chorizo Joe Wicks’ recipe (peppers, tomatoes, spinach and red onion)
  • Mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers (dinner didn’t go to plan!)
  • Snacks: Mini roll; handful of popcorn; 4 blocks of dark chocolate
  • Liquids: lots of water; 1 mango green tea; a cranberry juice


  •  Chicken wrap (weird breakfast)
  • Mince plus tomatoes, peppers, onions with tinned tomatoes, puree and vegetable stock cube
  • Jacket potato with cheese
  • Snacks: mango; 4 blocks of dark chocolate
  • Liquids: not enough water; cranberry juice; apple and mango juice (a bit too much fruit juice!)


  • Mango (not enough for breakfast!)
  • Jacket potato with cheese
  • 2 chicken wraps, one pepper with humus and a mozzarella, spinach and tomato salad
  • Snacks: grapes; 3 blocks of dark chocolate; no added sugar jelly; Nature Valley oats and honey bar
  • Liquids: not enough water; apple and mango juice


  • Nature Valley oats and honey bar
  • Jacket potato with cheese
  • Joe Wicks’ chorizo recipe again
  • Snacks: no sugar jelly; 4 blocks of dark chocolate; another Nature Valley bar oops
  • Liquids: lots of water; apple and mango juice


  • Porridge with blackberries
  • Jacket potato with cheese
  • Halloumi skewers and sweet potato chips (end of exam celebration dinner)
  • Chicken wrap
  • Snacks: Nature Valley oats and honey bar; no added sugar jelly; a whole punnet of raspberries (oops- bit too much natural sugar)
  • Lots of water; apple and manjo juice

diaaryyThe main things I found were:

  1. I wasn’t eating nearly as much as fruit and veg as normal because I was cooped up in my room revising all day and time kept flying past while I was revising and then it would be bed time. It wasn’t the worst ever but next time I will be more conscious at least 8 portions
  2. I definitely had too much white potato! I normally limit white potato to about 3 times a week but I was finding jacket potatoes a really filling meal although I definitely should have picked sweet potato a bit more often
  3. I for sure wasn’t drinking enough water. I am normally really quite good at staying hydrated but I find it more difficult at university. So towards the end of the week I started buying big bottles of water for 50p so that I always have it in my room and no excuse at all not to drink it
  4. Last week I ate no fish which is such a rare thing for me so when I go shopping later I will be picking up a fair bit of fish
  5. I like red meat a bit too much. It is one of my New Year’s Resolutions to cut down on it (for health and environmental reasons) however the week obviously didn’t get off to a good start in terms of this. So from now on I am going to have red meat twice a week which will likely be this chorizo dinner I LOVE and using mince in some way or another- but also sausages every now and then too (which I will be having this week!)

I have been finding the process of writing down what I’ve been eating super therapeutic. It kept me on track this week and genuinely helped me not even think about going to the shops to get sweets. The best part of this week, though, was the purchasing of this diary from Paperchase. I never spend that sort of money on something like this (nearly £10) but I adore it and I thought spending more money will ensure I use it to record my food, things I need to do, exercise and my general days really. Whoop for organisation!

~ Kat ~


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