Roath Park | The Last Six Months

With only half a year left at university in Cardiff, the “letting go” process has begun. Cardiff, it’s me, not you. You don’t know what you had until it’s gone and all of that. I don’t want the last six months to just consist of writing assignments and preparing for exams because I’m already having withdrawal symptoms from my favourite parks, restaurants and cafes. And so, camera round my neck, after my last lecture on Monday I headed down to Roath Park- The “I Must Instagram This” Park.

img_0090img_0088roath-parkroath-park-2img_0083img_0096img_0094Stepping through the gates of Roath Park brings back a whole bunch of memories like flicking through photos on a camera. It will always be, not just one of my favourite places in Cardiff, but my favourite places ever. It’s the happiest place in the world- everyone always seems to be smiling. However when I ran on the outskirts of it during the Cardiff Half Marathon I was feeling pretty angry at the place- we’re cool now.

Roath Park reminds me of an ice cream after my last exam last January; it reminds me of heading down there on the first warm day in Cardiff; it reminds me of a few hours after the Cardiff Half Marathon and heading down there to make peace with the place; it reminds me of my final run before the Great South Run last year, looping around the park, the park making it very easy to keep running. And now it reminds me of heading down there at half three after my last lecture of my LAST EVER TIMETABLE AT CARDIFF to clear my head and finally, properly, have a go with my camera. Walking around parks – especially Roath – is more than therapeutic and I plan on taking walks for leisure a little bit more often- if only to beat my mum’s steps on the old Fitbit.

It does freak me out a little that I won’t be living around the corner from the brilliant Roath Park in just a few months. A friend and I have started counting down how many hours we have left and it’s a weird mixture of feeling excited to have this degree thing done (and take the best High School Musical-esque photographs at graduation) and a horrible feeling of not seeing everyone and Cardiff every day. But, for now, I have six months left in a pretty cool place and I’m excited to see the same parts I love and new places I’m not acquainted with yet!

~ Kat ~


3 thoughts on “Roath Park | The Last Six Months

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Hahah I’m so glad you and Cardiff are back on good terms after the half 😉 But this post was beautiful. It’s very important to take note of those places that host our memories, and it allows us to appreciate our present moments a little bit more too. Lovely, lovely writing, Kat! Have such a good weekend, dear! xo

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