The Art of Curbing Cravings

Recently I’ve been making an effort to curb cravings since I’d find myself wanting sugary foods after lunch until I went to bed. Although I never cut out chocolate, when I’ve chosen not to eat it, after a period of time, I stopped wanting it. I want a midpoint between not picking up anything sugary too often but having it when I want. After a couple of weeks of sticking to this, I’ve  become quite accustomed to not going near sugary-filled foods and not wanting to either. My lifestyle is labelled by balance but I’m happy to be nourishing my body with wholesome foods and staying away from refined sugar. I’ve written out a few ways to stick to curbing cravings that do occur/how I’ve been avoiding them altogether so I can remind myself when I’m considering a trip to the shops for some sugar.

SNACKS.JPGBlog close upp.JPG

1. Since being back at university I have made sure I always have my favourite healthy (or snacks that aren’t nutritious necessarily but are quite good in comparison to a Galaxy bar) foods in. I’ll always have my favourite fruit and veg in that I can snack on: raspberries, blackberries, tomatoes, peppers (with hummus!) along with a bag of Metcalfe’s popcorn, Nakd bars and some form of dark chocolate! This has massively helped me not even think about other foods because I’ll be more excited to reach for some raspberries for a burst of natural sugar happiness.

2. This is a piece of advice I followed when Monday came about and lectures started again: JUST FOOD PREP. AND FOOD PREP YUMMINESS. Food prepping something to eat for whenever you’re hungry lessens the chance of picking up chocolate when you pass a shop or are sat in the university cafeteria. At least I find it does!

3. Eat fulfilling foods! Making healthy food choices does not have to be boring- I definitely find healthy food I make more yummy than any unhealthy food. Recipes by Joe Wicks are my go-to when I want to use a cookbook. He shows how eating healthy is GOOD. However, in general, so long as I am eating healthy and fulfilling (whether that be warming, fresh or just more tasty than unhealthy food) I feel completely satisfied and less likely to even think about other foods.

4. These last couple of weeks I have helped myself curb cravings through contemplating how I would feel post sugary treat. I don’t feel guilty about food – it’s an emotion I really don’t want to associate with food – but eating unhealthy foods can make me feel sluggish and unfulfilled and in turn simply wishing I didn’t make a particular choice.

5. I have found writing down everything I eat so helpful. It allows me to analyse (in a healthy way) what I am eating and in turn presents to me that I don’t need Tangfastics because I’ve eaten enough already. I might realise I need more veg so I can go and get some peppers or carrot sticks, in turn curbing or avoiding cravings entirely.

What are your tips to feeling happy and not restricted by healthy eating- to not feel like you need to give in to your cravings?

~ Kat ~


2 thoughts on “The Art of Curbing Cravings

  1. daintydweeb says:

    I’m definitely thinking of starting a ‘food diary’ because I want to keep an eye on what I’m eating, I want to cut down on unhealthy snacks and stock up on healthier options because after Christmas all I’ve been munching on is left over chocolates and goodies! I need to get back into healthy eating ASAP.

    kayla |

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