Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser | Review

I’m not very good at looking after my skin which is silly because I love all of the processes skincare involves. I’m not consistent and insist, “When I have the money to buy the products, I’ll be a skin looking after-er goddess” even though this is silly as I could find ways to help my skin right now. My mum always encourages me to cleanse my skin and do this and that and she is wonderful for getting me products I need but don’t buy. This Christmas she bought me a cleanser by Clarins and after a week of using it (I will continue to use it daily), this is what I think!

IMG_0175.JPGAnd to cut a long story short, this stuff is GOOD. I have only been using it in the evenings and rarely the mornings- for no particular reason but I think I’ll stick to this. Immediately my skin feels loved once applied and the next morning it continues to feel super smooth and better than when I ignorantly can’t be bothered to look after my skin. I don’t know a lot about beauty products at all (I can do eyeliner and from then on, I know – the technical term is, I believe – nowt) but I definitely know this is (prepare yourself for another piece of jargon) a good’n. I can only assume the science behind it like cleaning my skin has been working because my skins looks and feels better.

I rarely wear make up products that are applied directly to my skin. I never wear foundation and only use concealer when I’m dressing up or going out at night or doing something fancy. Post event, my skin gives me a bit of a hard time when I choose to use concealer. I still won’t use it very often but this cleanser helped me out when I wanted to apply concealer last week. After taking off my make up in the evening, the cleanser worked wonders during the night. The next morning I did use the cleanser, much to my skin’s happiness. It just restored how my skin looked before and it continued to do brilliant things to make my skin look healthier.

Using this cleanser has been highly therapeutic. It makes me feel like a together adult and I feel super smug when I slip into bed with my soft skin. Lesson to be learnt? Mother knows best!

~ Kat ~


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