The Midnight After La La Land | 21 in Feb

I went into the cinema a couple of nights ago with a lot of La La Land pre-reading consumed and adored. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for weeks, watching all of the interviews with a fangirl giggle and had my brother nagging me every day to go and see it so we can have a chit chat (exams were lame and got in the way). The short of it is that I love it, I always will love it and I know it’ll stay as a favourite film for the rest of my life. It’s the midnight following my first (of many) viewings, and I wanted to give you three reasons why I urge you to go and watch it for yourself (since I’ve heard the term “hyped up” being thrown about, which is fine but it shouldn’t put you off!).

ONE. Mia, the main character, is a strong, talented and intelligent female, doing wonders for feminism. She aspires to be successful; to create; to stop her dream from being a daydream. These were core messages I took from the film; messages that should only be taken as encouraging. Mia is focused, hardworking and a self-starter. To me, these were my favourite qualities. And qualities we all need to see on the big screen.

TWO. It’s a classic love story with a modern twist and modern values. It does all of the good things to the audience- gooey stomach, damp eyes and a heart that belongs to Mia and Sebastian for a couple of hours… Or, in my case, for the rest of my life. She inspires him and he inspires her and it creates a magically raw partnership.

THREE. Nothing I have said has been controversial in terms of La La Land afterthoughts, and what I’m about to say anyone could assume from the trailer. This film is a stunning piece of art. The music; the dancing; the costumes; the structure; the cinematography. The music is produced and performed effortlessly and this notion is echoed in the dancing. The costumes are classic and exciting. The film is told by the seasons. Being a lover of all seasons, what they stand for and what they have the potential to stand for was a factor for me feeling so entranced by the storyline. The cinematography made me want to get GOOD with my camera. It was another level. The whole film looked like it was shot through an Instagram filter and it was GLORIOUS.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are part of a modern classic and I wouldn’t want anyone else to fill their tap shoes. They portray the hardships of LA brilliantly and I think their voices modestly and beautifully tell us the story. Their dancing had me from the word “go.” The jazz, for me was echoed in the laid back feeling of the film as well as the exciting prospects Mia and Sebastian had. There are reviews for La La Land left, right and centre but I definitely encourage you to go and check it out for yourself. And certainly don’t miss seeing it on the big screen.

~ Kat ~

P.S. 1/21


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