The Mindful Contradiction | 21 in Feb

Two contradictions I aspire to live by are being productive and taking care of myself. They can’t be completely contradictory as I’ll never consider taking time for myself as not being productive or just another form of procrastination. As long as I’m doing it right. Getting work/chores/goodness done is brilliant, and taking time to do things that make us mindful, calm and inspired people is essential too. To me, being mindful means having a catch up with ourselves: feeling feelings; treating ourselves well; giving ourselves “me time.”


Scarily up-close shot of me looking oh-so-candid-ly content

Achieving “mindful” for me means a walk with no purpose, running without timing it and a swim late at night. It means waking up early because I want to and it means going to sleep without setting an alarm. Being mindful might come from showering into my pyjamas, or wearing my favourite clothes despite having no plans. It means completing tasks I’ve always wanted to get done, but it means sitting in my room, on my bed, with no agenda… Just breathing. Being mindful is allowing myself to enjoy chores by putting on music or dancing while I do; it’s deciding to enjoy pre-reading for a seminar. Baking on a day with no plans creates calm, as does finding the time to cook from scratch every single day. I feel mindful when I buy and drink new tea; write lists of chores to do and fun to have; choose not to care about “millennial” things. I feel mindful when I allocate time to me.

Blogging itself brings mindfulness:

  • Writing on a train
  • Writing with pen and paper
  • Planning future posts
  • Using it as a calming outlet
  • Reading other peoples’ blogs
  • Finding new blogs to read

Books are my number one go-to to find mindfulness. Reading in the park/re-reading an old book/re-reading my favourite book/stopping a book I’m not enjoying and starting a fresh new book/reading until my eyes fall asleep/reading as a morning alarm/reading a book recommended by a friend/reading the next part in a book series/reading a new book by my favourite authors.

Since having a period of time with no phone earlier this year, I make a conscious effort to stay away from my phone. Not feeling like replying is an obligation or heading to an app “just to have a scroll” (that turns into stalking a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend) is the most therapeutic thing. And it needs to become a normality. Whatever activity I am doing whilst ignoring my phone (watching a film with no distractions is the best) makes me feel far more happy and in tune with the old self rather than doing something halfheartedly because of a teeny tiny device.

I think we should all learn a bit more about being mindful and practising self-care. In my head it means feeling in tune with myself (oh so zen) and catering for myself. I do think this can contribute to a balanced lifestyle which is always my aim! Tomorrow I will be posting about how I best achieve productivity, because that’s important too!

~ Kat ~

P.S. 2/21


3 thoughts on “The Mindful Contradiction | 21 in Feb

  1. sarahwritesaboutstuff says:

    I like and agree with a lot of your examples. Mindfulness is not merely meditation. It’s taking time for the things you enjoy, that give you energy and calm, and being in the moment. I almost always have the sound off on my phone and consciously turn it screen side down at times, not to be distracted or to feel “forced” into replying to things right away.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mackenzie says:

    I LOVE this post, Kat!!! I resonate with so much of this. I love how mindful you are about changing these habits. In particular, I love about being on your phone. The way you explained that is so real- great way to put it back into perspective. This inspired me! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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