The Productivity Contradiction | 21 in Feb

I believe a balanced lifestyle requires acquiring mindfulness through self care and lovely, happy things (as mentioned in yesterday’s post), as well as many a dash of productivity. I don’t feel good when I procrastinate, choose other things to do instead of tasks I need to do and go to bed without feeling like I’ve accomplished anything or what I intended to that day. I try to be productive every day, and I’m most productive when I do all of the things outlined below!


The process of taking this photo was the furthest from mindful a process could be

ONE. Of course it’s not a ground-breaking suggestion, but planning, in the shape of lists, is key for me. I do have to remember that they are far more successful when they are manageable. It does take a bit more time but it’s helpful to plan out what can and needs to be done over a stretch of time rather than in an hour/a day/a week. I feel far more ready and capable when I have rationed tasks out. A key might be necessary too- ranging from what would be nice to get done to what must be done. Go to bed knowing what you’re doing the next day and feeling like what needs to be done is doable and not frightening. Today my list looks like:

  • Gym – legs including treadmill
  • Make pasta dish and take a picture for future post
  • Read (a New Year’s Resolution is to get my reading game back under swing)
  • Read journal for coursework
  • Start preparation for other coursework
  • Seminar preparation for next week
  • Get ready for birthday celebz

TWO. Contrary to number one but also complimentary, I write down what I’ve done. This year I bought a 2017 diary so I can essentially keep track of my life. Writing down what I have achieved inspires me to keep going or it can give me a kick up the backside to show myself what I need to get on with.

THREE. Energising myself! I am a big believer in exercising first thing as well as exercising when you’ve got lots to do. Break up the things on your list with a walk or four sets of 10 sit ups. Eat foods that will help you, drink water and sleep well. All of the things my mum taught me that I should have always listened to.

FOUR. Predict the future. When I think about how much better I’ll feel when this tedious or hard task is over, I’m only going to feel worse putting it off. Feeling miserable about how much you’ve got to do is rubbish, but knowing you’re going to feel 10x worse tomorrow is even worse. Look at me anticipating feelings and being a well-rounded adult. I really am turning 21 this month.

FIVE. I rarely do it but when I get the boring stuff done first, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot more and have the better tasks to look forward to. When I tell myself I can go and have a cup of tea (the prospect of tea is such a glimmering, shiny one, even when boring tasks aren’t involved at all) after I have done a certain amount of university work I tend to be more on the focused side of things… Unless biscuits are involved.

It’s so easy to procrastinate and put off tasks but I do think procrastination is something that can be tackled. I remember my brother once saying something like, “One of our biggest flaws as human beings is the fact we have to sleep.” (Scientifically, it is of course not a flaw and one of the main contributing factors to being productive is good, quality sleep.) When it’s put this way time is valued so much more highly and we seek to do, do and do so the time is fulfilled and not wasted. I also believe “doing” leads to much better levels of mindfulness. It will probably also lead to well-rounded, happy and accomplished individuals. Oh how I aspire to be one of those people. (Basically, who my mum and brother are. *Sighs.*)

~ Kat ~

P.S. 3/21 ❤


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