Dear Us Millennials | 21 in Feb

Dear us millennials,

We’re not as bad as they say, are we? Self obsessed, vain and the furthest from independent that any bunch of people could be. Too interested in our rectangular devices? Yeah, probably. Always searching for validation online? Maybe we should work on that. Lazy, ignorant and self-righteous? Now, hold on a minute.

With a good friend who worked full time whilst being at uni, I find it hard to put a tick in the box next to LAZY. Knowing so many glorious 20 somethings who research, adore and aspire to know more, I can only call us interested, intrigued and apologetic. And as for self-righteous?! We are working on a new way of thinking; trying to understand and adjust views; we are welcoming, not hostile. Self righteous, we are not.

“Those kids are rude,” they say. “They don’t know right from wrong,” they chant. “They are truly helpless,” they sing. Thugs and “beyond help”, they label us. Recently I watched a young man help a woman with a lot in her hands get her pram onto a bus. Everyday I see Tweets from young people who evidently know more than some of our entirely wrong leaders. If we are helpless, maybe it’s because we’ve been put in a scary place. Just a thought: Help us get out. But we don’t need the adults who “know so much more than” us. We’re smart and we’re adaptable and the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows right now but we aim to make it a bit brighter.

With figures such as Malala, Emma Watson and my deep-thinking and inspirational friends, our generation has provided oh so many reasons to be proud. My friends alone make millennials a credible word, not a lexical choice that is worthy of a cringe, a blush at the cheeks and the “real adults” excusing us. “Millennial” shouldn’t equate to this, this or that. And yet it’s a heavy word. We are a taboo. A word used with such distaste and pity. We need to reclaim the word; make it ours again. Instead of its definition being endlessly fuelled by anger, I propose we make “millennial” synonymous with love, inspiration and a fresh point of view.

I am writing to you today to encourage you to promote us. Tell them to take on a new perspective. Our passion is often confused for anger and our wrongdoings are never outperformed by our brilliance. We are a generation of inspiration and a better way of thinking- a far less prejudiced, constrained and contaminated way of thinking. We aspire to abolish all terrible “isms”- dreamers, yes? Fools? Not a chance. We are the generation who challenges and encourages debate. We want new and we value old. We are fearless despite a situation that screams fearful. They try to silence us but they can’t. We must protest.

Yes, we worry over our Instagram likes but that wasn’t a worry for the generation before us. Of course it’s silly but with “new” being thrown at us from all angles, we are handling it all pretty well. Yes, we get it wrong sometimes and we can express our thoughts a little red-faced and confused. But it’s only because no one wants to listen to us. We speak but they don’t hear. They should know we are worthy, exciting and one to watch.

They should bet on us. I certainly am.


Kat X

P.S. 4/21  ❤


3 thoughts on “Dear Us Millennials | 21 in Feb

  1. lissatissatwoshoes says:

    “Love? Above all things I believe in love.”

    I genuinely think we will be a much nicer generation than some of the generations who have come before us. Everyday I hear of another old fart in some high up position denying climate change and I just wanna tear my hair out. I hope we do so much better (I’m almost certain we will).

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